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Details and More on Traditional Groom Duties

In the 21st cen­tu­ry, it can seem sil­ly to say that the groom should man­age cer­tain parts of the wed­ding while the bride han­dles every­thing else. Most cou­ples these days are plan­ning their day as a team and will choose tasks based on their inter­ests and strengths. That said, if you’re stuck decid­ing how to del­e­gate respon­si­bil­i­ties dur­ing wed­ding plan­ning, start with these tra­di­tion­al groom duties and add from there.

What does the groom usu­al­ly man­age dur­ing wed­ding plan­ning and on the Big Day?


It’s a no brain­er that the groom should man­age his own for­mal­wear and that of his grooms­men too. Some deci­sions you’ll have to make but might not have con­sid­ered yet include chang­ing your attire to stand out from your grooms­men, the great suit or tux debate, and if you want to wear a bow tie or neck­tie. To help you make this very impor­tant deci­sion, here’s our groom­swear guide.


Grooms­men gifts are a great way to say thanks to your dudes. They can be unique to each per­son or they can be unique to you. Per­son­al­ized items are pop­u­lar, whether it’s drink­ing acces­sories or a toi­letry bag. Have some fun, but be sure to keep some prac­ti­cal day-of items includ­ed as well.

groom in blue suit kissing brides hand


It’s com­mon for the groom to make a toast at the wed­ding (or these days, the cou­ple can both say a few words). If you’re giv­ing a toast, keep it short and sweet. There’s a lot going on and mul­ti­ple speech­es to give and your guests only want to sit through too much. Thank every­one for com­ing, thank your par­ents and fam­i­lies, thank your wed­ding par­ty and thank your bride.


There are many things to con­sid­er when choos­ing both the bride and the groom’s wed­ding bands. Will they be sim­ple? Will they have dia­monds? What type of met­al? Your bride may already have a vision for hers, so we sug­gest start­ing there. She may want some­thing sim­ple or she may want to go for the “stacked” look.

For the groom, be sure it match­es your lifestyle. If you do phys­i­cal labor, you may want to choose a ring that can be cut-off in emer­gen­cies or maybe some­thing more durable and light­weight like a sil­i­cone band. There are many dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als of rings and styles to choose from.


Plan­ning the cel­e­bra­to­ry post-nup­tial adven­ture for you and your bride is one of the best parts of plan­ning a wed­ding. It’s your excuse to go on a great vaca­tion. Come up with some ideas and decide togeth­er what kind of trip you want to take and where to go. Here are our tips to begin plan­ning with your part­ner.


Music sets the tone for any event. The biggest deci­sion you will have to make is between a live band or a DJ. There are perks to both and cer­tain­ly bud­getary needs to con­sid­er. A great band can make a real­ly mem­o­rable recep­tion with their impro­vi­sa­tion and inter­ac­tiv­i­ty, but they are typ­i­cal­ly prici­er than a DJ. If you care a lot about hav­ing a spe­cif­ic style or song played, make sure to cre­ate a detailed list for your music provider—and cre­ate a “Do Not Play” list of any songs you can’t stand.

Also, make sure your wed­ding par­ty entrance is fun, but appro­pri­ate. Think more Ice Ice Baby and less Get Your Freak On.

bride and groom in gray suit


This one’s espe­cial­ly a mutu­al respon­si­bil­i­ty. Get togeth­er with you bride-to-be and decide the tone and lev­el of per­son­al­iza­tion you want to include Are there read­ings that mean some­thing to your rela­tion­ship? Is there a cer­tain song that your bride wants to walk down the aisle to? Will you write your own vows? You don’t have to include every com­po­nent of a tra­di­tion­al cer­e­mo­ny. Just remem­ber to make it yours and make it mem­o­rable. And your offi­ciant can help. Just make sure to check local laws—you often need to include cer­tain ele­ments (like stat­ing both of your full names once and con­sent­ing to be mar­ried) to make it legal.


Depend­ing on your venue and cater­er, you may be able to cus­tomize a large part of your menu. Want to include your favorite foods or foods that are spe­cial to your fam­i­lies? Do you want to get cre­ative with appe­tiz­ers or inter­ac­tive sta­tions? Talk to your cater­er and see if they can make your dreams a real­i­ty. If you’ve always want­ed to have an ice cream sun­dae bar at your wed­ding, now is the time to speak up. It’s your day after all.

These days, the groom’s job is to do much more than just show up and pop bot­tles. The more involved you are, the more sat­is­fy­ing the big day will be! Good luck.

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