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Wedding Trends on Their Way Out in 2020


Just as each year brings a fresh crop of wedding trends, there are also fads that will soon find themselves off the “in” list. From colors and cake to fashion and florals, styles change—and brides and grooms will surely want to keep track of what’s in and what’s out before they finalize the details of their big day. With that in mind, take a look at these 10 once-popular trends that wedding pros predict will be sunsetting in 2020.

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All White Décor

While this was once considered edgy, Eddie Zaratsian of Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle & Design points out that planners are now seeing couples embrace bold, earthy shades and circle back to jewel tones. “Rather than just a ‘pop’ of color, decor and florals are saturating weddings with vibrance, as opposed to white and neutral palettes that can feel one-dimensional,” he says.

Large Bashes

Even before recent world events, many couples were moving towards more intimate affairs.

Family-Style Seating

We can blame Covid-19 for putting the kibosh on this once-popular way of dining.  Trip Wheeler of SB Value predicts that social distancing will be key in 2021, with fewer guests seated at each table.

Naked Cakes

This trend is officially done, says Heather Jones of Wente Vineyards. Instead, couples are seeing the appeal of fully decked out wedding cakes with an array of gourmet flavors and frostings.

Strict Dress Codes

Couples are getting less rigid when it comes to attire for their wedding day. Grooms, for example, are opting more for a suit and accessories they find most comfortable, rather than feeling restricted by a particular set of rules, says Valentina Ring of The Stars Inside.

Flower Walls & Balloon Backdrops

“They have gotten super popular, but I see this trend fading away in 2020,” says Marie Kubin of Rent My Wedding.

Disposable Items

With each passing year, couples become much more eco-friendly. And it’s not just in the items they’ll use on the wedding day, but also in what they’re wearing. Many brides are opting to buy secondhand designer gowns, while grooms are renting their wedding day look instead of buying a suit or tux they might only wear once.

Now that you’ve seen the trends to avoid, be sure to take a look at some of the more popular suit, tux and accessory options we have so you can stand out on your wedding day.


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