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How to Put On and Wear Cufflinks and Studs

Gentlemen have been rocking cufflinks since the early 17th century, and 400 years later they’re still classic statement-making accessories for fashion-savvy men.

When you’re getting ready for a special occasion or event, cufflinks and studs can really elevate your look and provide the perfect finishing touches. Cufflinks and studs come in many shapes, metals, and styles, including gold, silver, brass, and polished enamel. But before you start browsing our cufflinks collection, let’s talk about how cufflinks actually work.

Instead of being sewn to the fabric, cufflinks fit through a hole in the bottom of the sleeve to secure your cuff with a pop of color and add some polish. A poorly fastened cufflink could lead to some real wardrobe malfunction. While cufflinks and studs can appear complicated, we have a simple guide that will help you master these small-but-mighty outfit elevators so that you’ll be ready to turn heads at your next black-tie event. 


How to Wear and Use Cufflinks

Most men, even fashion-forward gents like you, don’t get many opportunities to wear cufflinks in everyday life. As these accessory staples are usually reserved for tuxedos and special occasions, you shouldn’t feel self-conscious if you need a little refresher on how to wear cufflinks properly.

Your wedding or big event is not the time for trial and error, so here are three simple steps that will have you rocking your cufflinks with style and grace. 

Three Tips for Wearing Cufflinks

  1. Wear heirloom or gifted cufflinks to a family gathering or on a date. They’ll be an easy conversation starter and show your sentimental side.
  2. Coordinate your wedding day cufflinks with your partner’s ensemble. Mix and match colors and metals to create cohesion with small but important details.
  3. Remember:  less is more. Cufflinks and studs don’t take up much space, but they make a big impact on your look, so go for subtle rather than overpowering and distracting.

How to Put on Cufflinks

Generation Tux’s dress shirts feature convertible sleeve cuffs, which means they can be secured by buttons or by cufflinks. Whether your shirt has convertible or classic French cuffs, here’s how to put on your cufflinks:

Studio Session-119
  1. Bring the openings of the sleeve cuff together, turn the bottom of the cufflink so that it’s vertical and insert it into the buttonhole with the decorative part facing outward. There are different types of cufflinks, so make sure the cufflinks you’re wearing fasten correctly on each cuff.
  2. Once a cufflink is in place, the piece facing inward will close the cuff after it’s released into a horizontal position. You can tell you’ve successfully put on cufflinks when the flat fastener faces inward and the decorative side faces outward, like this:
Studio Session-122

Since there are only two sleeves to a shirt, cufflinks arrive as a set of two. Studs on the other hand, come in sets of four or five. You’ll use them in place of the first four or five buttons of your shirt, except for the very top button. The top button is usually covered by a bow tie.

How to Put on Studs

If you’re not sure how to put on studs, you’re not alone. Studs can be tricky, so we have provided you with some simple steps to master these tuxedo shirt must-haves:

  1. Insert a stud through each opening on the front of your shirt. Stud holes are located above each button, and they look like regular button holes, only smaller.
  2. Fasten each stud using the original button holes from the other side of the shirt, just as you would a regular button. Now check out how sharp you look.
Studio Session-110

If the studs aren’t secured completely, they may pop off. Double check that they’re properly fastened, and ask a buddy to be your shirt stud wingman for the event if you can. As a reminder, studs complete the look of a tux rental, but they aren’t made to pair with a suit. However, cufflinks are more versatile,  and you can wear them with any dress shirt, whether it’s worn with a suit or a tux. Not sure which style is for you?

Read our Suit vs. Tux: The Ultimate Guide so you can make an informed decision and rock your event in style. 

Generation Tux lets you curate a unique look from thousands of colorful accessories that complement our collection of over 20 suit and tuxedo styles in modern and slim designs. Add our exclusive fit technology, and you are guaranteed to find the perfect look for your event, delivered to your door 14 days before it’s time to suit up. No last-minute wardrobe emergencies here—just a great fit and peace of mind. 

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