Tuxedo Tips: How Cufflinks and Studs Work


When you’re com­plet­ing your for­mal­wear look, cuf­flinks and studs can be a nice addi­tion. Cuf­flinks are used in place of but­tons that close the cuffs of a dress shirt, while studs, essen­tial­ly, are worn as but­tons on the front of a dress shirt. Whether you’re using Gen­er­a­tion Tuxe­do gar­ments or your own, it’s impor­tant to know how to put these tuxe­do acces­sories on prop­er­ly.

How to wear CUFFLINKS

Gen­er­a­tion Tux shirts fea­ture con­vert­ible sleeve cuffs, which means they can be secured by but­tons or cuf­flinks. To wear cuf­flinks, bring the open­ings of the sleeve cuff togeth­er, turn the bot­tom of the cuf­flink to be ver­ti­cal, and insert it into the but­ton­hole with the dec­o­ra­tive part fac­ing out­ward.

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There are dif­fer­ent types of cuf­flinks, so make sure the ones you have fas­ten cor­rect­ly on each cuff. Once a cuf­flink is in place, the part fac­ing inward will close the cuff, after it’s released into a hor­i­zon­tal posi­tion.

Since there are only two sleeves to a shirt, cuf­flinks arrive as a set of two. Once they are prop­er­ly in place it will look like this with the flat fas­ten­er fac­ing inwards and the dec­o­ra­tive side fac­ing out­wards:

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How to wear STUDS

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Studs on the oth­er hand, come as a set of four or five and will be the top four or five but­tons of your shirt. To put them on, insert the studs through the open­ings locat­ed above the but­tons on the front of the shirt, and then fas­ten each stud using the open­ing from the oth­er side of the shirt.

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If studs aren’t secured com­plete­ly, please note that they may pop off. As a reminder, you should only wear studs to com­plete the look of a tux rental. With cuf­flinks, you can wear them with a dress shirt for either a suit or tux.

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