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How to Put On and Wear Cufflinks and Studs

Gen­tle­men have been rock­ing cuf­flinks since the ear­ly 17th cen­tu­ry, and 400 years lat­er they’re still clas­sic state­ment-mak­ing acces­sories for fash­ion-savvy men. We’re sure that even in the ear­ly days, the response to these chic baubles was a swift dou­ble take and a friend­ly, “Thou clean­est up good,” but don’t quote us on that.

When you’re get­ting ready for a spe­cial occa­sion or event, cuf­flinks and studs can real­ly ele­vate your look and pro­vide the per­fect fin­ish­ing touch­es. Cuf­flinks and studs come in many shapes, met­als, and styles, includ­ing gold, sil­ver, brass, and pol­ished enam­el. But before you start brows­ing our cuf­flinks col­lec­tion, let’s talk about how cuf­flinks actu­al­ly work.

Cuf­flinks are a lot like but­tons, but instead of being sewn to the fab­ric, they fit through a hole in the bot­tom of the sleeve to secure your cuff with a pop of col­or and add some pol­ish. Sim­i­lar­ly, studs fas­ten dress shirts in place of but­tons for a more for­mal look. So, in a way, you could say cuf­flinks and studs lit­er­al­ly keep your cloth­ing togeth­er, and they make you look sophis­ti­cat­ed and sexy at the same time. Win, win.

Whether you’re using Gen­er­a­tion Tux gar­ments or your own, it’s impor­tant to know how to put these tuxe­do acces­sories on prop­er­ly. A poor­ly fas­tened cuf­flink could lead to some real wardrobe mal­func­tion. While cuf­flinks and studs can appear com­pli­cat­ed, we have a sim­ple guide that will help you mas­ter these small-but-mighty out­fit ele­va­tors so that you’ll be ready to turn heads at your next black tie event. 

How to Wear and Use Cufflinks

Most men, even fash­ion-for­ward gents like you, don’t get many oppor­tu­ni­ties to wear cuf­flinks in every­day life. As these acces­so­ry sta­ples are usu­al­ly reserved for tuxe­dos and spe­cial occa­sions, you shouldn’t feel self-con­scious if you need a lit­tle refresh­er on how to wear cuf­flinks prop­er­ly. Your wed­ding or big event is not the time for tri­al and error, so here are three sim­ple steps that will have you rock­ing your cuf­flinks with style and grace. 

  1. Wear heir­loom or gift­ed cuf­flinks to a fam­i­ly gath­er­ing or on a date. They’ll be an easy con­ver­sa­tion starter and show your sen­ti­men­tal side.
  1. Coor­di­nate your wed­ding day cuf­flinks with your partner’s ensem­ble. Mix and match col­ors and met­als to cre­ate cohe­sion with small but impor­tant details.
  1. Remem­ber:  less is more. Cuf­flinks and studs don’t take up much space, but they make a big impact on your look, so go for sub­tle rather than over­pow­er­ing and dis­tract­ing.

How to Put on Cufflinks

Gen­er­a­tion Tux’s shirts fea­ture con­vert­ible sleeve cuffs, which means they can be secured by but­tons or by cuf­flinks. Whether your shirt has con­vert­ible or clas­sic French cuffs, here’s how to put on your cuf­flinks:

Studio Session-119

  1. Bring the open­ings of the sleeve cuff togeth­er, turn the bot­tom of the cuf­flink so that it’s ver­ti­cal and insert it into the but­ton­hole with the dec­o­ra­tive part fac­ing out­ward. There are dif­fer­ent types of cuf­flinks, so make sure the cuf­flinks you’re wear­ing fas­ten cor­rect­ly on each cuff.
  1. Once a cuf­flink is in place, the piece fac­ing inward will close the cuff after it’s released into a hor­i­zon­tal posi­tion. You can tell you’ve suc­cess­ful­ly put on cuf­flinks when the flat fas­ten­er faces inward and the dec­o­ra­tive side faces out­ward, like this:

Studio Session-122

Since there are only two sleeves to a shirt, cuf­flinks arrive as a set of two. Studs on the oth­er hand, come in sets of four or five. You’ll use them in place of the first four or five but­tons of your shirt, except for the very top but­ton. The top but­ton is usu­al­ly cov­ered by a bow tie.

How to Put on Studs

If you’re not sure how to put on studs, you’re not alone. Studs can be tricky, so we have pro­vid­ed you with some sim­ple steps to mas­ter these tuxe­do shirt must-haves:

  1. Insert a stud through each open­ing on the front of your shirt. Stud holes are locat­ed above each but­ton, and they look like reg­u­lar but­ton holes, only small­er.
  1. Fas­ten each stud using the orig­i­nal but­ton holes from the oth­er side of the shirt, just as you would a reg­u­lar but­ton. Now check out how sharp you look.

Studio Session-110

If the studs aren’t secured com­plete­ly, they may pop off. Dou­ble check that they’re prop­er­ly fas­tened, and ask a bud­dy to be your shirt stud wing­man for the event if you can. As a reminder, studs com­plete the look of a tux rental, but they aren’t made to pair with a suit. How­ev­er, cuf­flinks are more ver­sa­tile,  and you can wear them with any dress shirt, whether it’s worn with a suit or a tux. Not sure which style is for you? Read our Suit vs. Tux: The Ulti­mate Guide so you can make an informed deci­sion and rock your event in style. 

Gen­er­a­tion Tux lets you curate a unique look from thou­sands of col­or­ful acces­sories that com­ple­ment our col­lec­tion of over 20 suit and tuxe­do styles in mod­ern and slim designs. Add our exclu­sive fit tech­nol­o­gy, and you are guar­an­teed to find the per­fect look for your event, deliv­ered to your door 14 days before it’s time to suit up. No last-minute wardrobe emer­gen­cies here—just a great fit and peace of mind. 

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