Tuxedo Tips: How Cufflinks and Studs Work


When you’re completing your formalwear look, cufflinks and studs can be a nice addition. Cufflinks are used in place of buttons that close the cuffs of a dress shirt, while studs, essentially, are worn as buttons on the front of a dress shirt. Whether you’re using Generation Tuxedo garments or your own, it’s important to know how to put cufflinks and studs on properly.


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Generation Tux shirts feature convertible sleeve cuffs, which means they can be secured by buttons or cufflinks. To wear cufflinks, bring the openings of the sleeve cuff together, turn the bottom of the cufflink to be vertical, and insert the cufflink with the decorative part facing outward.

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There are different types of cufflinks, so make sure the ones you have fasten correctly on each cuff. Keep in mind that Generation Tux cufflinks should be in a vertical shape as they’re entering the openings of the sleeve cuff. Once a cufflink is in place, the part facing inward will close the cuff, after it’s released into a horizontal position.

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Since there are only two sleeves to a shirt, cufflinks arrive as a set of two. Once they are properly in place it will look like this with the flat fastener facing inwards and the decorative side facing outwards:

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Studs on the other hand, come as a set of four, and will be the top four buttons of your shirt. To put them on, insert the studs through the openings located above the buttons on the front of the shirt, and then fasten each stud using the opening from the other side of the shirt.

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If studs aren’t secured completely, please note that they may pop off. As a reminder, you should only wear studs to complete the look of a tux rental. With cufflinks, you can wear them with a dress shirt for either a suit or tux.

At Generation Tux, you can get a la carte customization for a unique look. With over 20 suit and tuxedo styles in modern and slim designs, thousands of color accessories and a full range of sizes, you are guaranteed to find the perfect look for your event.

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