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Unique Wedding Themes We Love


Choosing a theme for your wedding day is such an important part of the planning process, dictating everything from your invites and color palette to floral arrangements and bridal party attire. While there are new themes that gain popularity each year, there are a couple in particular that Generation Tux is especially excited about in 2021: Cottagecore and Boho Chic.

Not sure what those are? Don’t worry, we have the lowdown on how to pull off each one for your big day. So before you make your final decision on suit or tuxedo, bowtie or necktie, and more, take a look at these three unique trends.


Wedding party in front of floral arch in forest

What is it? This aesthetic centers around nature. Think the lush gardens and greenery of the English countryside with a romantic vibe. If you can’t get married outdoors, you can bring those elements inside with fresh flowers, dried herbs, potted plants, and a color palette made of up Earth tones (let the florals be your burst of color). And since cottagecore is all about celebrating the environment, it finds ways to be eco-friendly, such as serving food from local sources and handing out sustainable favors.

What to wear: Since you’re taking your inspo from the British, keep in mind that men in the UK tend to prefer a tux with a peak lapel. If you’re going for a less formal look, think about our Gray Sharkskin or Navy Blue suits.

Boho Chic

Bride and Groom in front of Boho background

What is it? Bohemian weddings incorporate a mix of natural, rustic and vintage details. Add in the chic to bring the Boho up a notch for a more sophisticated vibe. Boho chic couples embrace their natural surroundings with details such as greenery wrapped around a wooden archway that serves as the altar, succulent centerpieces in lieu of florals, hanging lanterns, and lots of drapery.

What to wear: Boho Chic attire needs to look effortless. For this type of affair, we love the Light Gray Plaid Suit and Indigo Blue. One of the perks of this type of wedding is the chance to take photos without your jacket, so you can also opt for a super simple look with the Oxford Navy Blazer.

Once you’ve chosen your wedding day theme, take a look at Generation Tux’s selection of suits and tuxedos, as well as a variety of shirts, ties, and other accessories.


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