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13 Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Day


For many, dogs aren’t just pets—they’re part of the family. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when a bride and groom decide to include their furry friend on their special day. Luckily, there are a number of ways for you to make your dog a part of your wedding day.


13 Ways of Including

Pups We Love

married couple with dog at wedding

Show Them Off On Save The Dates

Let your dog take center stage on you save the dates. You can buy a cute sign that says something like “My humans are getting married!” and have your pet either wear it or stand next to it in the photo. 

Walk Them Down The Aisle

The groom can walk down the aisle with his furry friend in tow, and then either let the dog stay at the altar with you during the ceremony or hand them off to a trusted friend to sit with the other guests.

Let Them Be a Ringbearer

Look online for a ring-bearer pillow that your dog can wear down the aisle. 

Surprise Guests With a Special Greeter

Who wouldn’t love to see that cute face when arriving on your big day? Simply ask a friend to stand at the entrance with your dog as guests come into the wedding ceremony.

Dress Them In Formal Attire

The bride and groom shouldn’t be the only ones dressed to impress on the wedding day. There are plenty of online shops that sell formalwear for pets (yes, really!)—just like a wedding suit for the groom – yours would undoubtedly look adorable in either a dress or tux.

Get a Pet-Themed Cake Topper

Ditch the traditional bride and groom on top of the cake and let your dog steal the spotlight on this sweet confection.

Have Them Play Escort

If you’re having kids play a role in your wedding day as flower girls and/or ringbearers, let your pet walk them down the aisle. Of course, this works best when an older child is holding the leash or if you have a very well-trained dog.

Mention Your Pet In The Vows.

As you pledge to love and cherish one another for life, don’t forget to also promise to always look after your pooch.

Name a Signature Cocktail

Guests can raise a glass filled with a drink named after your dog. 

Choose Doggie Décor

From table numbers and cocktail napkins to place cards and swizzle sticks, there is a variety of ways to showcase your love for your pet throughout your wedding.

Include a Cardboard Cutout

Don’t worry if it’s not possible for your pet to stay for the entire event. After all, the noise and amount of people can be overwhelming for them. Instead, have a cardboard cutout near the photo booth so guests can take pictures with your dog all night long.

wedding couple with flowers

Wear Meaningful Accessories

Keep your pet close to you all day by donning special items with their images, such as custom-made cufflinks or a bespoke pocket square.

Send Everyone Home With a Doggie Bag

You can easily DIY favor bags featuring your dog’s image. Guests can then fill the bags with treats to take home at the end of the night.


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