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The Best Wedding Decor Trends for 2021


Are you planning a wedding in 2021? It’s time to take a look at the decor trends that will define this year and show up in all the wedding photos. Everything from unusual color choices to stunning velvet fabric is getting a chance to shine this year.


Vibrant Colors

Rich, vibrant colors stand out against black tuxedos and white wedding dresses. You can accent your wedding with eye-catching saturated hues, placing pops of color throughout the venue. You’ll see fewer pastels and more jewel tones.

Mismatched Color Schemes

Want to try something more daring? Intentionally mismatched color schemes help your wedding stand out as something truly special. Think about men’s suit accessory colors that rarely go together and bring them together in unexpected ways.

bride and bridesmaids in mismatched colored dresses for contemporary wedding
Bold color palette.

Bold Colors

Make a statement with bold colors that you don’t typically see at weddings. For example, neon bright colors get everyone’s attention as soon as they walk through the door. Pantone named Living Coral as 2019’s color of the year, so that’s definitely a contender for a trendy bold look.

Mix-Match Color Schemes

You can never go wrong with mix-matching color schemes. They might appear to be mismatched at first, but they are perfectly balanced with one another. You can use a color wheel and look at the direct opposites, or work with a digital color palette maker to choose shades. When in doubt, you can order your free color swatches of our outfits and accessories so you can see the color hues, fabric and textures up close.


Velvet as a Linen

Velvet was huge in 2019 and likely here to stay well into 2021. This luxurious material works well for your linen needs at your wedding. You can use it as a table runner, tablecloth, chair covers, curtains and anything else you can think of. Velvet is great for adding a different type of texture into your wedding day decor. It’s soft and heavy, with a distinctive appearance that’s classic and trendy.

wedding table setting with velvet table runner

Velvet as a Dress Material

Velvet also excels as a dress material. It comes in a variety of colors and has enough weight to drape well. Capes and capelets provide you with a way of incorporating it as an accessory, or you can opt to have it included in your dress design. If you’re getting married during warmer seasons, have a cooler lining material in between your skin and the velvet.

Taper Candles

Taper candles are a wedding classic that’re coming back into style. Their long, slender shape makes it easy to add them to centerpieces and other parts of wedding decor. You don’t need many of them to get an excellent effect. If you’re worried about guests knocking over actual candles, high-quality LED taper candles are also available.

When selecting taper candles for your decor, consider the role the candleholder plays as well. Choose styles and colors that work well with the rest of your decorations. Think about the material and the textures that it adds during this decision-making process. Choose your free color swatches today!

Taper candles for wedding decor blue and gold table setting

Structured Floral Arrangements

Structured floral arrangements bring elegance, fragrance and color into your wedding. Organic designs are particularly trendy right now. They look like you took them straight out of nature and give you the opportunity to add earthy elements to the decor.


Lightboxes, those lighted signs that you see all over Pinterest these days, are finding their way into all types of weddings. They’re surprisingly versatile, as you can use them to point out important pieces of information. For example, you can label the bride and groom’s sides of the venue, mark table numbers and provide a menu. They set up in seconds and add a nostalgic feel.

Wedding Favors as Decor

Wedding favors are more than gifts of appreciation for your guests. They can also serve as wonderful decor pieces. You can accomplish this in a few ways. Tie the favors into your overall wedding theme or your personal interests. They can also be a part of the table centerpiece or place settings.

Fun floral wedding invitation

When you’re considering the wedding favors that make the most sense for your overall decorating goals, think about how suitable they are for your guests. You want everyone to associate the favors with fond memories of one of the happiest days of your life. Instead of an item that’s purely decorative, consider favors that have practical applications in the guest’s everyday life.

Try thinking outside of the box for favors. Things like corkscrews, bottle openers and bottle stoppers are super useful. While things like mini-lightboxes, food kits (like DIY s’mores), craft kits and mini-board games can be really fun.

Interactive Food Stations as Decor

Interactive food stations, such as tacos, meat shaving, pizza, breakfast, and dessert bars, are more than just your menu items. They can also serve as decor that enhances your theme. The serving platters, trays, utensils, chafing dishes, and other buffet equipment can have the perfect styling to go with the rest of your decorations.

The signs for each part of the interactive food station can also show off your wedding colors or design choices. Think about the types of plates, bowls or other food holder and how that can add to the ambiance.

It’s your wedding, so you can embrace the 2021 trends or blaze your own path. This year certainly gives you a lot of options to choose, especially if you want to embrace bold colors and materials.

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