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Wedding Looks for Dad

With Father’s Day com­ing in hot, we’re spend­ing some time cel­e­brat­ing dads! After all, it’s not just the groom and grooms­men you have to make sure look good on your wed­ding day. Both the father of the bride and the father of the groom play impor­tant parts in your big day. Espe­cial­ly the father of the bride, who holds the spe­cial pow­er of giv­ing away the bride. If the groom’s father is not a grooms­man, he’ll need his own get­up, too.

You have a cou­ple of choic­es when it comes to what the fathers wear. You want them to be com­fort­able, but also look great in pic­tures. You don’t want to end up with unbal­anced pic­tures, with the dads stand­ing out or clash­ing too much from the groom and grooms­men. Here are two good routes to take when decid­ing what dad should wear on your wed­ding day:

groom and father of the groom toasting


One option is to have your fathers where the same col­ors and style, if not the exact suit, as your groom and grooms­men. This doesn’t give your fathers a lot of room for their own per­son­al touch­es, but if you want uni­form pic­tures, then they’re sure to under­stand.


This is a top notch way to go. Hav­ing com­ple­men­tary suits, is a great way for dads to stand out from the rest of the par­ty and be com­fort­able in your choic­es, while still look­ing great in pic­tures. Plan­ning com­ple­men­tary out­fits most­ly comes down to style and col­ors.


You’ll want to make sure the cho­sen suits are in a sim­i­lar style. If the grooms­men are wear­ing blue suits, the fathers should prob­a­bly stay away from black tuxe­dos. You can go with the same suit, with some slight­ly dif­fer­ent acces­sories, like long tie/bow tie or sol­id vest/patterned vest. Or try for vary­ing styles of the same suit. If the groom is wear­ing a two-piece suit, maybe dad can wear a three-piece. Just remem­ber to keep the wed­ding style in mind.

father of the bride in blue suit walking bride down the aisle


There’s plen­ty of options here for you to mix and match col­ors, whether you go with two com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent col­ored suits, or add dif­fer­ent pops of col­ors to the ensem­ble. It’s a deci­sion that needs to make in tan­dem with you and your fathers.

If you want to go with two dif­fer­ent col­ors for suits, it real­ly depends on what you like, but vary­ing shades of col­ors often go great together—grays and blues espe­cial­ly.

If you instead opt for the same col­or suit, dif­fer­ent pops of col­or in their out­fit is a good option, as well. You can have them wear the same col­or tie as the grooms­men and/or brides­maids. Or they can wear a tie in the same col­or fam­i­ly. For exam­ple, if the grooms­men are going with a laven­der tie, the father of the bride can opt for anoth­er shade in the pur­ple fam­i­ly, like plum or egg­plant.

Anoth­er option is to go with a tie that is a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent col­or, that is still in the col­or palette of the wed­ding. Often, there are two main col­ors, but plen­ty of options for sec­ondary col­ors. For instance, blush and bur­gundy is a pop­u­lar fall palette, but a palette like this will often include addi­tion­al col­ors that come through in the decor, like bronze or green. That’s a min­i­mum four col­or options.

bride giving father a gift

Ulti­mate­ly, this is your day, but it’s also an impor­tant day for your fathers. You want to make sure they feel includ­ed and appre­ci­at­ed. And they should look fan­tas­tic, too.

There are so many small details that go into cre­at­ing your dream wed­ding, but that does­n’t mean you should have to stress, espe­cial­ly about Dad! Need a father of the bride suit? We’re a one stop shop; see what we have to offer to make your union extra­or­di­nary.

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