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Wedding Looks for Mom


While the bride might be the leading lady of a wedding, it is no secret that the mothers of the bride and groom also play major roles. We are no one without our mothers and it’s on our shoulders to make sure they feel appreciated. The least they deserve is to look amazing, too.

But what to wear? Some women know exactly what they prefer or look great in, but here’s a handy little guide, if your opinion is sought after. MOB and MOG dresses usually come down to two factors: Style and Color.


Of course, the style of the dress needs to fit the style of the wedding, just like any other aspect. If you’re having a black tie event, your mothers may want to go with a formal gown, or, if they’re not comfortable in a dress, there are elegant pantsuit options. There is plenty of room for their own personal style. Formal wear comes in just about every shape and size and can fit the most casual or formal of affairs.

Some classic styles for mothers, or anyone, really, are: formal gowns, dress and jacket combo, pantsuits, and cocktail dresses. Lace or beaded styles are popular and beautiful options.

groom in blue suit with mother of the groom


Mothers of the Bride and Groom should definitely avoid white, but as far as other colors go, there are so many options. It’s a good idea not to clash with the color palette of the wedding, but matching the bridesmaids’ exact color isn’t a requirement. In fact, it’s better to have them stand out from the rest of your party. It’s up to your moms if they want to strictly stick to your palette or not.

We suggest avoiding colors that are too bright (like red, coral, or teal) and black, but there are exceptions, depending on your tastes and theme. For example, for a black tie wedding, a black MOB or MOG dress would not be inappropriate.

Neutral colors are classics for a reason and many are gorgeous without being overpowering. Here are some great colors that can go with just about any color palette: champagne, beige, blush, silver, gray, navy blue, gold, light blue, or plum. Of course, there are others, but just find what best suits your mothers’ skin tones, personal preferences and the style of the wedding.

Keep in mind, too, that your moms don’t have to wear solid colors. There are plenty of prints and florals that are elegant, rather than gaudy and busy. Just try them on first, of course, and you’re sure to find a beautiful one.

bride and mother of the bride

Mom is an important part of your big day and deserves to be celebrated almost as much as the bride and groom. It’s imperative that she looks fabulous too.

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