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We reached out to some wedding planners, and friends of Generation Tux, to get their advice on how couples can keep planning for their wedding during an uncertain time. In our second Q&A, we talked to Amber Anderson; Wedding Planner Coach for Refine for Wedding Planners from Austin, TX.

What are some ways couples can continue planning during this time?

The great news in spite of COVID-19, is that it doesn’t have to change much about the planning process. In fact, most of my clients plan remotely as it is already! We do things like send tasting kits from the baker, samples from the stationaire and of course, send couples to the Gentux portal for swatches that can be sent right to your home

How do you keep the wedding party engaged and keeping their wedding in their plans?

You know your audience best! So if you think they need ongoing updates, it’s a good idea to send them. If there is a chance they will check out with too much updating, it might be a good idea to compile information and drip it slowly. Regardless, make your plans clear and easy to understand by using bullet points. If things are still on track, make sure they know that! I’d also love to see couples virtual happy hours for their wedding party to get to know each other and support each other right now. Sending them a thank you card for being on your team during this time or simply asking how they are doing is a way to boost their morale and keep them engaged. Keeping them on track with things like the Gentux portal and attire is another thing they can focus on right now. If they are looking for projects, see if they will help stuff invitations or give you ideas for your gift registry. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to a couple reading this after making the decision to postpone?

Headspace is important no matter what is happening in the wedding planning process. This was critical before COVID-19 and now it’s non-negotiable. Headspace will make or break a wedding. Your feelings are real and you’re allowed to grieve, and you should. But do make space for positive affirmations, perspective and finding the silver lining where you can. If you can focus on entering a strong marriage, it will give you a lot of energy for sustaining a less than ideal engagement story. 

Closing thoughts… 

I’ve experienced a lot of tragedy in my life equal to losing a wedding and if you don’t hear anything in all of this, at least hear that someone else understands the loss of an expectation is devastating. But it opens new doors and I promise your story has the potential to be really incredible. Weddings are lost every weekend, we just don’t hear about them because it’s not on a mass scale like we are seeing right now. I can tell you that each and every couple I’ve had that has had to adjust their wedding expectations, actually ended up loving their celebration more than I see those that had the traditional outing. Perspective and focus on love makes all the difference in the world, no matter the outcome of a party. 


For more information on how Generation Tux is helping couples plan during the COVID-19 situation, click here.


Amber Anderson – Wedding Planner Coach

Refine for Wedding Planners

Website: www.refineforweddingplanners.com

Check out a few pictures from our latest styled shoot with Amber, featuring our Iron Gray Peak Lapel Suit.

photos by Brittany Jean Photography


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