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We reached out to some wedding planners, and friends of Generation Tux, to get their advice on how couples can keep planning for their wedding during an uncertain time. In our third Q&A, we talked to MaKenna Holst; Owner of Perfectly Planned Moments from Corvalis, Oregon.


Many of us are finding ourselves with a LOT of extra time on our hands these days in the land of pandemics and quarantines… I’m a wedding planner working with many couples who are in the process of postponing their weddings, and I’m also a bride in the process of postponing my own wedding. Guuurl, it has been a long last few weeks for me. 

What are some ways couples can continue planning during this time?

Luckily, a lot of planning can be done remotely! Have you checked out GenTux’s online portal where you can design your suit/tux looks from your computer screen? Swatches can be shipped to your doorstep, as can free suit/tux home try-on’s so you can be sure you’re ordering in just the right size! 

So, what if you’re not wearing a suit? Some of my favorite bridesmaid dress companies are Birdy Grey, Azazie and Lulu’s, and all of them have online stores! Right now, a lot of bridal shops are closed, but that’s not the only way to find your dream wedding dress! PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com has second-hand dresses (bridesmaid dresses too!) being sold by brides who would love to see their gowns worn again, and Anomalie is a wedding dress company that designs one-of-a-kind dresses for their brides via their website sketch software (SO cool!), phone calls with a designer, swatch boxes mailed to your door, your personal measurements to ensure a perfect fit, and photo inspiration boards where you can add any photos you want. A truly custom and personal experience!

How do you keep the wedding party engaged and keeping their wedding in their plans?

If you’re like me and had to postpone your bachelorette party, consider scheduling a bachelorette wine night with your ladies via Zoom, Google Hangouts or even the Facebook Video App!

Involve your wedding party in the postponement process if you need their help. They’re there to support you!

Have your wedding party select their GenTux suits/tuxes and dresses. We all have extra time on our hands these days, it’s the perfect time to knock this off the To Do List!

The couple has made the decision to postpone, what creative ways are they notifying guests and wedding party of the change?

Let’s face it…nobody saw COVID-19 coming, and there’s no etiquette protocol for how to postpone a wedding during a pandemic. We are all establishing that protocol now, together. Take a deep breath! What would Emily Post do in this situation? Nobody knows! Instead, approach your guests with their health and safety as your top priority! They’ll understand and appreciate it.

If contacting your entire guestlist to let them know about your change of plans feels overwhelming, taking a divide and conquer approach works well! Consider giving your partner’s parent a quarter of the guest list to contact, while you give your parent another quarter, and then split the rest between you and your honey. Getting your wedding party involved to spread the word can relieve some stress too! Calling, emailing, and even texting guests to let them know about this change of plans is fine—another formal invite might confuse them without any other context.

Once everyone knows what’s going on and you have a new date, consider sending out some Change the Date’s! You can use any Save the Date template and just change up that wording! Follow it with another set of formal invitations closer to the new date, and carry on as usual.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a couple reading this after making the decision to postpone?

This is a strange time for all of us. After postponing my own wedding and letting guests know what our plan is, honestly, going about with wedding planning as usual when nothing else about life feels usual is HARD. If you postponed your wedding, you’ve bought yourself some time to breathe. It is okay to take a break if you need to. Your emotional energy is limited and valuable! All of your vendors will understand if you need to hit pause, and we’ll be here to support you and continue with the planning process when you’re ready to return.


For more information on how Generation Tux is helping couples plan during the COVID-19 situation, click here.


MaKenna Holst – Owner 

Perfectly Planned Moments

Website: https://www.perfectlyplannedmoments.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/perfectlyplannedmoments/

Here are a few images from one of MaKenna’s latest perfectly planned moment.

photos by Kindred Weddings


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