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We reached out to some wedding planners, and friends of Generation Tux, to get their advice on how couples can keep planning for their wedding during an uncertain time. In our first Q&A, we talked to Reneille Velez; Owner of Cake & Lace Events and Certified Wedding Planner from Seattle, Wa.

What are some ways couples can continue planning during this time?

During such a time of uncertainty with COVID-19, there are a few things that can certainly be planned and continued in regards to planning a wedding. While staying at home, couples can do a number of activities centered around design! Creating Pinterest boards for each aspect of the wedding and listing out all of the items they will need to rent or purchase is a really productive way to stay in “planning mode” while being quarantined. Finding the specific stationary and ordering samples, picking your top three centerpiece choices to send to your florist or even which color chargers that will compliment the linen will help make placing your decor order much easier. 

Online shopping can easily be done at home too! From bridesmaids dresses to ordering swatches for the groomsmen’s suits, spending time making sure colors from both sides of the wedding party compliment one another is also another way to stay productive while planning at home.

How do you keep the wedding party engaged and keeping their wedding in their plans?

Three words: Virtual Happy Hours! Schedule time to video chat with your bridal party. And the best part? For grooms, they can order a free Home Try-on from the Gentux Portal and show everyone how ravishingly they look, virtually, on camera! Bridesmaids can give feedback, see how their suit pairs and compliments their dresses — all while on a video call and glass of wine in their hands.

The couple has made the decision to postpone, what creative ways are they notifying guests and wedding party of the change?

Don’t ‘Re-save The Date’… ‘. Sending out postponement invites is definitely a thing — and our recommendation is to stay positive. Wording these invites as a “Change the Date” instead of the typical “we regret to inform you that we have postponed our wedding to…” on the invite itself will make the biggest difference to your guests. Showing that you’re embracing what’s happening in the world with the right wording will let your guests know you’re doing fine and the show is still going on!

What is one piece of advice you would give to a couple reading this after they made the decision to postpone?

After deciding to postpone, reach out to any guests that may have originally declined your invite! These guests may be able to attend now — which in turn, is one of the silver linings in this situation! 


For more information on how Generation Tux is helping couples plan during the COVID-19 situation, click here.

Reneille Velez – Owner & Certified Wedding Planner 

Cake & Lace Events

Website: www.cakeandlaceevents.com

IG: @cakeandlace.events/

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Check out a few pictures from our latest styled shoot with Reneille, featuring our Black Shawl Lapel Tuxedo.

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