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Sep, 30 2019

Top Tips for Grooms after she says YES!

Top Tips for Grooms after she says YES!

You’ve popped the question – now what?

I asked Chancey Charm’s talented team of wedding planners, from across the country, to share their top tips for the groom after she says yes! And, the common theme I saw emerge over and over again may surprise you if you’re newly engaged. Read our planner’s advice below to get the scoop.

Happy Planning,

Chancey Charm

Founder + Creative Director, Chancey Charm

“Guest count has the largest impact on your budget and venue. Work with your family to come up with your dream guest list (everyone you could want) and a must-have guest list (a pared-down of those you cannot live without on your wedding day). Once you’ve got these, sit down with your partner and compare your individual lists alongside your budget to see what you can realistically make happen. Once you have a realistic guest count, you’ll be able to allocate your budget accordingly and book a venue that will accommodate all of your nearest and dearest.” – Planner Skylar Caitlin, Chancey Charm Houston

“Start expressing your opinions early! The wedding day is about both of you and your bride wants to hear your opinion and what matters to you too! Don’t be afraid to speak up early on in the process because if you wait too long it may be too late to add in your whiskey bar or donut truck!” – Planner Alana Futcher, Chancey Charm Charlottesville

“Be present and as active as you want to be, and as much as your fiance wants you to be! Many grooms think it’s the bride’s job to plan, but in reality, the bride wants to hear from you! This is your day too. This event should reflect the two of you, your relationship, and the life you are creating together.” – Planner Brie Owens, Chancey Charm Atlanta

“One of the hardest to-dos and most stressful parts of wedding planning for couples is the issue of budget. Whether you’re fronting the whole cost or relying on others to help fund your dream day, some frank conversations should be had from the start. Utilize your wedding planner to understand what weddings in your area typically cost and what budget bracket the wedding your visualizing will most likely end up in. It may get awkward, but have an open conversation with anyone who has expressed that they would like to contribute financially to your day. Discuss amounts, level of interest in the planning process, and any expectations accepting the money may assume. Having this conversation will prevent issues or fights later in the planning process. Having everyone on the same page sets you on the right path and you know exactly what you’re headed financially.” – Planner Liz Ise, Chancey Charm Dallas

Guest Blogger: Chancey Charm

Sarah started Chancey Charm, a destination wedding planning and design company, over eight years ago with a strong desire to build a business she loved. What started as a few weddings in her spare time has since grown into a national brand, with planners spanning across America. Sarah is a wedding planner, industry educator, and mentor to her team of over 30+ wedding planners. Sarah personally mentors all of Chancey Charm’s planners, pursuing her calling to help women have a creative career they love, with the freedom and flexibility to focus on their family. Expanding upon her calling, Sarah also offers a series of free wedding planning videos via Youtube and a collection of planning resources for brides and planners alike.

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Chancey Charm is a wedding planning and design company with a team of experienced wedding planners, in destination wedding locations across the country. With over 150 published weddings and editorials under our brand, we’ve served 500+ happy couples with custom design boards and inspirational sketches since 2011. We’ve been named a top planner by Southern Living Magazine and featured on Martha Stewart.