Wedding Planning as told by GIFs from The Office

It’s true. Sometimes wedding planning can get just about as crazy as Michael Scott’s shenanigans on The Office. While it may not be the most fun for you, it makes for some quality entertainment for everyone else.

We could probably do a list of a hundred GIFs from The Office, but here are 19 wedding planning thoughts you have as told by our favorite crazies.

1. When you first start wedding planning

2. When you start looking through pages and pages of vendors on the Knot

3. When your fiancé tries to get you calm down when something goes wrong

4. When you and your fiancé finally start agreeing on things

5. When your bridesmaids start to complain

6. You and your fiancé’s first dance lesson

7. Just all the time. Everything is fine, and then nope.

8. When you a get good deal on literally anything.

happy the office GIF

9. When you try your hand at DIY decorations.

nailed it the office GIF

10. When you start to feel really smart

11. When your mother-in-law tries to have an opinion

12. When you start your wedding diet and just want to eat cake

13. When you start to doubt yourself, then remember you’re awesome

14. When anyone tells you ‘no’

15. When anyone tries to argue with you

the office television GIF

16. When you try to find an actually decent wedding band

17. When you’re getting dangerously close to blowing your budget

18. When anyone starts talking budget, or contracts or insurance

explain this to me like i am five the office GIF

19. The days leading up to and following the actual wedding

GIFs brought to you by Giphy. Timeless humor brought to you by NBC.

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