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May, 7 2020

14 Boho Wedding Pics You Must See

14 Boho Wedding Pics You Must See

The “bohemian” lifestyle is all about art, living free, and passion. In recent years boho chic has become a popular wedding theme, and for good reason. Boho Chic weddings provide couples with a memorable and exciting way to tie the knot. This theme creates space for expressing individuality, embracing a love of adventure, and offering guests an elegant and unforgettable event.

A married couple posing in front of the altar

Boho weddings are not one-size-fits-all. That’s what makes them unique and exciting. Throwing a successful boho-style wedding involves you and your partner incorporating elements of your life and love into your Big Day. Boho wedding venues are as diverse as their themes and can include anything from a cozy café to a funky art gallery or outdoor space. Regardless of venue choice, you can not forget the suit or tux. Your style choice can be as refined as placing your twist on a classic tux or just keeping it relaxed in an open-collar shirt with a slate blue suit.

If you and your fiance are planning a boho-style wedding, you have plenty of options to choose from with Generation Tux. If you need some inspiration, check out our gallery to see what other boho couples like you have done. To make life easier, we’ve collected some of our favorite customer boho wedding pictures from the past few years to inspire the boho-chic wedding of your dreams. Click the images to see the featured suit and start building your perfect look.

A married couple walking down the aisle with confetti
A married couple in a field embracing
A married couple embracing in front of the altar
A couple touching foreheads and holding flowers
A married couple holding hands at the altar
A groom and his groomsmen smiling for a picture
A group of men walking forward
A bride and groom walking in a field
A married couple in the mountains

If these looks have you feeling inspired, we have some great news. With Generation Tux, you can start creating your own boho-style wedding look today. We have all the tools you need to get started— including acollection of 21 merino wool suits and tuxedos, all of which can be personalized with hundreds of accessories and color options. Once you’ve put your look together, we’ll ask you a few questions to ensure that you’ll get the right fit; no shop visits or measuring tape required. From there, you can add your groomsmen to your order and we’ll follow up with them on things like measurements. Want to see our fabric colors in real life? Order some free color swatches and then take advantage of our free Home Try-On session, where you get 48 hours to make sure the outfit you chose is what you want. Once everything is confirmed, your final look will arrive on your doorstep 14 days before your boho chic wedding.

Pick Your Look Now

Once you’ve gone from engaged to newlyweds, we’d love to see YOUR boho wedding pictures. We’ll even post some of our favorites to our gallery, so other similarly-minded couples can draw #inspo from your event.