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Jan, 9 2020

25 Classic First Dance Songs for Weddings

25 Classic First Dance Songs for Weddings

You can’t go wrong with choosing a classic first dance song for your first dance as a married couple. Here are our top 25 classic first dance wedding songs.

Why Pick a First Dance Song?

Music is a powerful tool. When you and your partner choose a song that represents your love for each other, and dance together in front of your family and friends, you are creating a moment that will forever remain in your mind. In five, ten, even fifty years, the opening strains to that song will bring you back to that magical night when you began your life together.

Choosing the Right First Dance Song for You.

A first dance song is a very personal choice — but some tunes tend to make their way onto the reception dance floor more than others. Your final song choice will depend on your personal history, tastes in music, and the general style and theme of your wedding. Some couples like to impress their guests with a choreographed dance, others simply hold each other and sway to their favorite song. The choice is ultimately all yours.

Our Top First Dance Songs

Overwhelmed by first dance song options? We’ve compiled a list of some of our personal favorites to help you narrow down the options.

1. All of Me by John Legend

We’re big fans of John Legend’s velvety vocals and this uplifting and deeply romantic tune about loving your partner for exactly who they are.

2. Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

This is one of the all-time classic first dance wedding songs, and for good reason: it’s just so darn romantic. Almost every lyric and melody of this classic conjures images of two impeccably dressed lovers, lost in each others’ arms on the dance floor.

3. The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra

This is one of our ultimate favorite first dance songs. This jazzy hit instantly creates an elegant vibe and provides some great opportunities for the happy couple to whip out an impressive foxtrot or other choreographed dance moves for their guests.

4. The First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes

No first dance song list would be complete without the indie love song of the early 2000’s. Whether you met your beloved as emo teens or on Tinder as an adult, this throwback tune will have your heart surging.

5. If I Ever Leave This World Alive by Flogging Molly

Celtic punk band Flogging Molly’s achingly emotional ode to love is a powerful and unique choice for a first dance song. Trust us— this song is a fun way to ensure there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

6. Stars by The Weepies

This gentle and lyrical indie-folk hit is a lovely meditation on partnership, marriage, and what happens when two souls embark on a journey together. “All it takes is a little faith and a lot of heart, sweetheart.”

7. Halo by Beyonce

Over the last decade, this triumphant Beyonce number has become a first dance wedding song staple. “Halo” is sentimental, grateful, and begs for a lively dance— by the end of this song your guests will be clamoring to join you on the dancefloor.

8. You’ve Made Me So Very Happy by Blood, Sweat and Tears

Have a soft spot for the music styles of the late 60’s? Planning a retro look when you walk down the aisle? Perfect. We highly recommend making your first dance song this 1968 expression of the gratitude and amazement that comes with finding the perfect partner.

9. I Never by Rilo Kiley

This danceable and unique song is a romantic statement on love that trumps all love— “everything, all the good and the bad.”

10. L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole

This old school favorite is among the world’s top first dance songs, and we’re here for it. It’s lively and sweet, fun to dance to, and a perfect way to dance into your life as a married couple.

11. Lion’s Mane by Iron and Wine

This sentimental and gentle meditation on what it means to love and be loved isn’t a typical wedding song, but it’s absolutely beautiful, and will give you something to think about as you dance with your spouse for the first time.

12. The Luckiest by Ben Folds

Indie-rock King Ben Folds wrote a doozy of a wedding song when he composed “The Luckiest”. We’ve seen a few showstopping first dances to this simple, piano-led number on the sheer luck of two soulmates finding each other.

13. God Only Knows by The Beach Boys

Can’t imagine a world without your spouse to be? Perhaps go with this sentimental Beach Boys hit— it’s among the world’s most popular first dance wedding songs.

14. Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

This 2010 hit isn’t only a sweet expression of the familiarity of love, it’s also incredibly fun to dance to. We recommend asking your guests to join you on the dance floor with this one. They’ll love it.

15. Your Song by Elton John

From the second your guests hear the distinct opening piano notes of “Your Song”, half of them will already be in tears. This hopeful and loving song is one of the most beautiful and classic first dance wedding songs that we know.

16. Cuz I Love You by Lizzo

If your guests are the types that won’t mind a few F-bombs, this triumphant Lizzo banger makes for an absolute powerhouse of a first dance. A few years from now, this’ll be known as one of the classics, we just know it.

17. Bring it on Home to Me by Sam Cooke

This soul classic will give you and yours the opportunity to show off some smooth moves and will get your guests ready for a night of dancing and merriment.

18. At Last by Etta James

You simply cannot make a list of classic first dance wedding songs without this Etta James romantic masterpiece. Not only are the vocals and message of this song practically made for a first dance, but the classic also lends itself to a number of dance styles, depending on your tastes and preferred moves.

19. You’re Still the One by Shania Twain

Shania Twain’s 1998 song is a beautiful statement on the work and commitment that goes into a long partnership, and how it pays off in droves. Guaranteed tearjerker that will also get your guests moving.

20. You Make Loving Fun by Fleetwood Mac

In the midst of an album about heartbreak and goodbyes, Christine McVie’s joyful “You Make Loving Fun” speaks of the relief that one feels when they finally find a relationship that clicks. This classic is upbeat and great for a first dance if slow-dancing just isn’t your thing.

21. Dreaming of You by Selena

This sweet and heart wrenching ballad just begs for a beautifully sweeping first dance— and probably sums up how you two have been feeling in the buildup to your big day.

22. Oh, it is Love by Hellogoodbye

“Oh, say, wouldn’t you like to be older and married with me?”

This 2005 ditty is light and airy with its sweet ukulele and gentle vocals. This hit also expresses love in a sweet and understandable way which you and your guests will really dig.

23. I’ll Be Your Mirror by The Velvet Underground

Do your partner and you see the best in each other, even when you can’t see it in yourselves? If so, then this song is for you. This beautiful classic about the power of a loved one reflecting your goodness back at you makes for a fun and unique first dance choice.

24. Sunday Candy by Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment

If you haven’t watched the music video for this 2015 song, drop everything and check it out immediately. Not only are the lyrics as sweet as it’s title, but this song will have you wanting to learn all of the videos moves for your first dance. You could even get your bridesmaids and groomsmen in on this one, it’s a crowd pleaser for sure.

25. Manhattan by Ella Fitzgerald

Planning a New York wedding? We love Ella Fitzgerald’s melodic and iconic expression of two lovers turning their favorite city into a romantic playground. It’s a joyful ditty, and will be a great backdrop for your killer first dance moves.

Bonus Track: All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

Planning a Christmas wedding? We simply couldn’t NOT recommend this cult classic. It’s still as fun to rock out to as it was when you were young, and you will be reminded of your special day when this hit makes its annual radio rotation.

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