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Sep, 12 2019

7 Wedding Cake Alternatives

7 Wedding Cake Alternatives

Not everyone likes cake. It’s normal, although not something we personally understand. Alternatively, some people just may not want to spend an exorbitant amount on a professionally made cake. Now that we understand. With more and more people going with cupcakes instead of cake, we’re even getting away from that with these seven wedding cake alternatives.

1. Macaroons

Macaroons make for a great cake alternative for ease, as well as a great taste. These little beauties light and sweet and come in a wide variety of flavors. Stack on a tiered cake tray and you even have a cake look-alike.

2. Cookies

Cookies are by far cheaper than cake and can sometimes be just as yummy! Plus, there are so many options for flavor and style. You can have beautifully decorated individual cookies or we’ve even seen a tiered cookie cake with layers and layers of cookies with icing in between.

Decorated cookies

3. Pie

Pie is a great alternative to cake because it is so different, while also being a great dessert option. While pie is fine for any season, we’re particularly excited to see pies at fall and winter weddings. Can you imagine having warm apple or cherry pie at a cool-temperature event? We sure can. Our mouths are already watering. Plus another advantage is that you can go as fruity or as sweet and chocolatey as you want.

4. Cake Pops

Everything you love about cake but in a bite-sized portion. The middles are always so creamy—sometimes it’s even better than regular cake! You can’t feel bad about having more than one when they’re that small and we won’t tattle if you do indulge.

5. Donuts

Who doesn’t love donuts? They’re so fun and perfect for a chill wedding. And better yet, they are so much cheaper to produce than a fancy cake. We’ve also seen donuts used as wedding favors, which is great since it gives your guests something actually usable and they have a snack after they party all night long. And so many puns.

donuts on a wall

6. Cheesecake

Is cheesecake cake or is it pie? No one really knows for sure. Either way, though, we are totally down. One great thing about cheesecake, besides how amazing it tastes, is that it is easy to have in multiple sizes. You can have a regular sized cheesecake all the way down to bite-sized. And the different sizes won’t change the flavor or the construction.

7. Cheese

For those of you strange people who don’t like sweets at all, cheese is a cool alternative that can be stacked like a tiered cake. There are plenty of other savory options out there (meat pies, anyone?), but if we can’t have cake, we at least want cheese.

There are so many options out there. You definitely can’t say your limited. In fact, weddings nowadays are more personal than ever, giving you so much room to explore your sweet tooth—or not, if that’s your thing. The most important thing is that you are happy.