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Aug, 11 2020

Guide to Changing Your Wedding Timeline Due to COVID-19

Guide to Changing Your Wedding Timeline Due to COVID-19

If you have had to change your wedding plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. In fact, a recent survey found that 66 percent of couples across eight countries are rescheduling their vows to a later date. That means that the timeline for your wedding will undoubtedly change as you push your date back or change your event entirely.

Here are some pointers on how to adjust your plans with the least amount of stress possible.


If your 2020 wedding date was scheduled in September or October…

Depending on where you’re located, the weather can still be mild enough that you can take advantage of an outdoor wedding where it will be easier to have guests socially distance from one another. But if you were planning a large affair, you will most likely have to cut down your guest list considerably.

Instead, think about throwing a micro wedding, which has all of the traditional elements of a wedding—ceremony and reception—but on a much smaller scale, with no more than 50 guests. Going this route means that you won’t cancel/reschedule with all of your vendors (and lose your deposits) and can still have the wedding you dreamed of—just with fewer people in attendance.

Timeline To-Dos:

– Finalize attire for groom and bride

– Confirm with vendors

– Make sure venue and vendors can follow any social distance and mask protocols

– Notify guests of any changes to plans

– Change honeymoon travel arrangements if travel is restricted

If you were getting married in November or December…

Due to talk about the second wave of Covid-19 hitting many states in late fall 2020 or early winter—along with the threat of unpredictable weather—you may want to postpone your vows until early next year. Another option is to elope now and then host your wedding at a later date to celebrate with family and friends. Grab a suit or tux now for that intimate elopement, then go big with your wedding party in 2021!

Either way, speak to your venue and vendors immediately about moving your date to sometime in 2021. Keep in mind, though, that many couples are in the same boat as you and will be looking to reschedule for next year. With that in mind, stay flexible. You might have to opt for a weekday or Friday night/Sunday afternoon affair.

And remember you will have to notify your guests asap so that they can change any travel arrangements and start planning ahead for your future date.

First, tell them via email that you have decided to postpone so you get the news to them right away. Once you have the new date set, then you can send out a more formal announcement.

Timeline To-Dos:

– Reschedule with venue and vendors

– Call stationery designer immediately to change wedding date

– Confirm all changes in writing

– Figure out if you need to change suit colors/décor because of change of season

– Send out “Change the Date” cards to all guests

– Rebook hotel blocks for guests

– Update wedding website with new info

– Speak to bridal salon; rebook appointments for alterations

– Groom can arrange for at-home try-ons according to new wedding date

– Change honeymoon travel arrangements

– Enjoy some extra time putting the final touches on your big day