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Jan, 16 2020

The 17 Best Wedding Planning Apps, Websites and Tools

The 17 Best Wedding Planning Apps, Websites and Tools

From takeout to trip planning, technology has truly revolutionized the ways in which we live our lives. Lucky for you, wedding planning has also entered the digital age. The modern world of apps, digital tools, and niche websites have turned wedding planning from an all-consuming task to a large but manageable responsibility.

If you’re tying the knot in the not-too-distant future, these apps and websites are absolute game-changers.


1. Mint

We are firm believers in creating an airtight wedding budget as soon as you get engaged. Without one, it’ll be impossible to realistically make any plans or to execute your dream wedding successfully.

Mint isn’t actually a wedding planning app at all; however, their simple, easy-to-use budgeting tools will help you and your partner get your wedding finances in order. Mint syncs up to your own financial services (banking apps, credit card apps, etc.), so it can properly track what you spend and how much you have left each month. Mint will also send you helpful reminders and summaries so that you don’t fall behind on any of the important details.

2. Pinterest

Like most people in the events or wedding industry, we’re huge fans of Pinterest. This user-friendly site allows you to draw inspiration from weddings all over the world, organize your ideas in a streamlined way, and collaborate on mood boards with your fianceé or wedding party. Pinterest can even provide ways to learn new wedding hacks and DIY tips for everything from bridesmaid flower crowns to handmade centerpieces. Both the Pinterest app and website are easy to use and are completely free.

3. The Knot

The Knot is one of the most famous wedding websites out there, and it’s remained popular for one major reason: it’s incredibly comprehensive. Engaged couples can use The Knot to create a wedding website or registry, access planning and management tools, create a budget, and to find answers to most wedding-related questions that they may have. Plus, the Knot has information on hundreds of local vendors and venues, making your wedding searches much easier. We recommend downloading their Wedding Planner app— it’s free!

4. Generation Tux

When it comes to renting wedding suits or tuxedos, this is your by far your best option. With online suit/tux rentals, there’s absolutely no reason to spend unnecessary time getting measured and sifting through slim pickings at tuxedo shops. Instead, Generation Tux allows grooms to create their own look online— their selection includes over 20 merino wool suits and tuxedos from 3T to Big and Tall, as well as a plethora of accessories in all sorts of colors. This makes matching things like bridesmaid dresses and wedding color palates a breeze.

Once his ensemble has been created, the groom can copy his groomsmen measurements over, get fitted, and try on his ensemble, all from the comforts of his own home. With innovative virtual tailoring technology, advance complimentary delivery and pickup straight to your door, flexible turnarounds, and a handy free Home Try-On period, it’s changing the face of formalwear rental forever.

Home Try-On

5. Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway is an excellent choice for all of your wedding dress needs. The site offers a special concierge service for women and their bridesmaids, and the bride’s selection includes plenty of options and fun perks.

6. The Guest

Back in the day, couples had to wait weeks, even months, before they could catch a glimpse of their wedding. Today, almost all guests will come with their own camera phone— and there are bound to be hundreds of videos and pictures taken as the event goes on. The Guest app allows your attendees to automatically share their snaps and clips with you and your partner in real-time— no hashtags or posts necessary.

7. Zola

Plenty of newlyweds cite Zola as one of the reasons that their wedding was so easy to plan, and we can see why. Not only is Zola an expansive and easy to use choice for your wedding registry, but Zola also offers many other helpful planning features.

At Generation Tux, we are particularly fond of their RSVP and guest list features— the site even collects everybody’s address for you. Address collection may seem like a tiny detail, but here’s the thing with weddings: every little thing adds up. The more little time-savers you can find, the easier your life will be when you’re down to the wire. And speaking of wires…

8. WeddingWire

Wedding Wire is an international success, and for good reason: there isn’t much you can’t do on this site. We really enjoy the site’s forums which enable you to post questions or read about other people’s experiences in a way that’s both interactive and educational. You might even find that you have some new “married friends” when your wedding is finished. Double dates, anybody?

9. Aisle Planner

Aisle Planner includes all sorts of tools, helpful blogs, and inspiration, but we are most impressed with their extensive list of local vendors. Everything from your honeymoon to your ceremony script can be taken care of through Aisle Planner’s curated directory of vendors. With vendor lists for most cities in the world, Aisle Planner even makes destination wedding planning easier and less stressful.

10. Google Sheets Wedding Planner

Google loyalists, we’ve got your back. Don’t worry about downloading a new app or making a new login. The Google Suite has their own wedding planning tool on their ever-popular Sheets program— and it’s fantastic.

Everything from your seating chart, playlist, and day-of-schedule can be found here— and since it’s connected to your Gmail account, it’ll be convenient for you to pull up whatever you need when you need it.

11. Minted

When it’s time to order your invitations or save-the-dates, you have plenty of options, but there’s a major reason we prefer Minted: it features independent artists. Not only is this a great way to support small, privately owned creative endeavors and businesses, but it makes it easier to find a unique design that resonates with you, your partner, and the theme of your wedding.

Minted also offers a free wedding website creation tool, which makes it easy to create a landing site that will wow your friends and family.

12. Paperless Post

In the age of zero-waste efforts, many engaged couples are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. For some, that means sending a virtual save-the-date or wedding invitation. If that’s the route you’re planning to take, we highly recommend Paperless Post.

Paperless Post has plenty of amazing options for e-vites and makes details like RSVPing and guest management a breeze.

12. LadyMarry Wedding Planner

Are you the anxious type? If so, we cannot recommend LadyMarry enough. When you create an account, this genius service creates an intensive and customized checklist for you— so you can forget that nagging feeling that you’ve missed something.

LadyMarry stays on the ball so that you can focus on more important things…like finding the perfect suit or dress.

14. Carats & Cake

Carats & Cake is all about inspiration, executed in a practical and helpful way. Engaged couples can find local vendors and browse through real wedding galleries to see what other couples in the area have done.

The Carat & Cake site is beautifully designed, easy to navigate, and chock full of lovely wedding ideas that will have you fantasizing about the many things you can do with your own special day.

15. The Glam App

Lots of brides find themselves so busy planning the big picture details of their wedding that they forget the smaller–yet important!–things like booking hair, makeup, and nail services. The Glam app takes care of all of that for you— in fact, they even have a specialized bridal service.

With this app, the bride, her party, and even her flower girl can pre-book beauty appointments straight to their door. That’s right, the vendors working with the Glam app come to wherever you are, cutting out the stress of trying to corral everybody to a salon or spa last minute.

16. WeddingHappy

This free app is practical and useful without being confusing or complicated. We love that WeddingHappy allows you to invite your groomsmen and bridesmaids to your “event,” so nobody misses important details. We’re also solidly impressed by WeddingHappy’s extensive checklist.

Forget to pay a deposit or arrange your catering tasting? No worries! When WeddingHappy notices that you’ve missed an item on your to-do list, they send you notifications and alerts to keep you on schedule and on task!

17. HotelPlanner

Are some of your guests coming in from out of town? If so, they’re going to need a place to stay and the burden of finding accommodations should really be on you and your partner…not on them.

Many couples choose one or two hotels near their venue, working which each site to secure a block of rooms at a special rate. Most hotels will be happy to arrange a discount for your guests. Feeling phone-phobic? Apps like HotelPlanner make it simple to find and coordinate group rates at most major hotel chains.

Happy planning!