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Jul, 24 2019

3 Things That Can Ruin Your Wedding Photos

3 Things That Can Ruin Your Wedding Photos

The photos are one of the most important aspects of your wedding. The photos help immortalize the day. You may be running around with only two seconds to catch your breath, but at least you’ll have photos to look back on. So everything has to be perfect. Not a hair out of place. To help you get the wedding and the photos of your dreams, we put together a list of the three biggest things that can ruin your wedding photos.

1. Wrong Colors

Colors matter when it comes to your wedding photos. When choosing the colors for anything from bridesmaids dresses to bouquets, keep in mind that the eye is drawn to color. If you’re opting for a brightly colored bouquet, that’s the first thing anyone is going to notice. When, really, you want the beautiful lady in the big white dress to stand out. Of course, if you can’t live without your red or other bright colors, there are still ways to include them, without them playing starring roles. Just make sure to follow any advice from your florist and design team.

2. Cell Phones

You may have heard of an unplugged ceremony before and thought to yourself that there’s no need to explicitly tell your guests not to take out their phones to take pictures during your ceremony. Well, you would be wrong and severely disappointed when you get your pictures back and your photographer could only get a shot of the bride walking down the aisle surrounded by dozens of cell phones. It will look more like the red carpet than an intimate ceremony. A no photos policy is definitely something your officiant should mention before the start of the ceremony to ensure you have the best photos possible. Plus, your guests will have a better experience when they’re focused on you and not watching through the lens of their smartphone camera.

3. Ill-Fitting Clothing

Whether it’s the bride, the groom, or the groomsmen, wedding attire that doesn’t fit quite right can be detrimental. For the bride, your last fitting is usually about a month before your wedding. If you’re on a wedding workout regimen or a strict diet, this should be happening leading up to your wedding, but don’t try to lose (or gain) 20 pounds in the last month. Not only is that unhealthy, but it could also mean an ill-fitting dress and no time for alterations. For the men, it’s as simple as making sure you get your suits or tuxes sized accurately and in your hands enough time in advance to fix any problems that come up. Baggy jackets and short pant legs do not make for great wedding photos.

Taking a few extra steps to ensure any of these detrimental things don’t happen at your wedding is well worth it in the end. Especially when you get those pristine photos back. You’ll be able to look upon them fondly and remember your special day. There will be no eye-rolling at Aunt Sally’s giant iPad or the best man’s sleeves hitting his knuckle.

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