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Jun, 10 2019

Top 10 Things Groomsmen Get Wrong

Top 10 Things Groomsmen Get Wrong

How much do you really trust those drinking buddies from college? Your groomsmen might intend to have the groom’s interest at heart, but chances are something is going to go wrong, whether you want it to or not. To help prepare for that inevitable mishap, here are the top 10 things that groomsmen get wrong on the day of the wedding. Best be prepared for the worst and have some contingency plans set in place, just in case.

1. Wing speech

Your best friend’s wedding is not the ideal time to just wing it. Speeches need to be thought out ahead of time and practiced once or twice. Some people are great orators and can make a spur of the moment speech one of the best you’ve ever heard, but most are not and the speech will end up sounding rambly and ridiculous. Best make sure everyone giving a speech has a plan.

2. Party too hard

Yes, the wedding reception is basically a big party. But before that? Off limits to hard drinking. And even at the reception, let’s save the tequila shots and shirtless dance parties at least until Grandma goes home.

3. Get the groom wasted

Another drinking no-no. Sure, the groom is going to be nervous the night before and the day of his wedding, but that doesn’t mean he’s allowed more than the “settling nerves” amount of alcohol. This is a serious moment and the bride’s not going to be too happy if the groom is swaying at the end of the aisle. Again, all bets are off after Grandma goes home and he’s paid the proper amount of attention to his other guests.

4. Go MIA

Ducking out at any point for longer than it takes to use the restroom is a no go. There’s a strict schedule we have to keep, people.

5. Show up late

Again, strict schedule. Maybe tell all your groomsmen to be there 30 minutes earlier than you actually need them. Just to be sure.

6. Takeover dance floor

No one is saying not to have fun, and by all means, please swing a few bridesmaids around, but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Spending the entire night dancing on various relatives of the bride is probably not the best way to go.

7. Dressed wrong

Something will go wrong somewhere. Probably. Whether there was a miscommunication or he picked the suit up late or what have you. Best practices include making everything as transparent and hands-free as possible.

8. Tell too many college stories

To Grandma, specifically. Or anyone really. These stories do not have a place during any serious moment or in conversation that is not explicitly between people the groom and/or bride went to college with.

9. Have no clue

Some guys just really don’t listen. Like at all. They don’t know what they’re doing or when to do it. They need some serious help and you may need to hire a babysitter.

10. Not taking pictures seriously

All the bride wants is her pictures to be perfect. Some goofy pictures of the boys is great, expected, even. But there has to be at least a few nice ones that they can look at for years to come and be satisfied with the memories of the day.

While you want to make sure everyone is having a good time, you also know that this is a very serious event. Go over ground rules with everyone and if necessary, assign a responsible adult to babysitting duty.

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