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Sep, 19 2019

Unveiled: Baylee's Wedding

Unveiled: Baylee's Wedding

Welcome to Generation Tux’s Unveiled! Here we interview real brides from real weddings to give you all the inside scoop. Baylee and Douglass have a classic love story and we love that paired with the amazing photos of their classic black-tie affair!

How did you and your husband meet?

I was managing a restaurant in Dallas when I met Douglass. One day he came into the restaurant for lunch with one of his friends. It’s a pretty popular place, and he was standing outside in the line. I remember seeing him outside the window, and I told one of my coworkers that he was totally my type.

As part of my job, I had to greet everyone as they came in the door. So I said hello to him first. Douglass is a firefighter/paramedic. The restaurant gives a discount for police/fire/military personnel, so I went up to him again and told him. The rest of the time we were staring at each other from across the restaurant. So, he came up to me after his meal. He thanked me for the discount, and then gave me his phone number on a receipt. He said, “If you ever want to text or call or maybe go on a date…” And then he bolted! We started talking and have been together ever since.

Tell us your engagement story!

We got engaged in Cancun on a friends trip. I had absolutely no idea. Douglass planned a romantic dinner for two on one of the first nights of the trip. We were in a private cabana by a pond. There was a singer and a seven-course meal. It was so romantic. One of our friends brought his camera with him on the trip. He hid in the bushes during our meal and got photos of the proposal. Douglass got down on one knee, and of course, I said yes!

When and where did you get married?

We got married on April 28, 2019 in Fort Worth, Texas at a place called The 4 Eleven. It’s a 1920’s steel manufacturing warehouse that was renovated into a wedding venue. We loved the exposed brick, metal beams, chandeliers and all the details in the venue. It was very special.

Tell me about your wedding dress. What was your favorite part?

Oh my gosh, I loved my wedding dress! The dress was designed by Hayley Paige. When I was shopping, so many of the dresses I loved were designed by her. I made some minor changes to the original dress, but my favorite part was the bodice. My dress was so comfortable throughout the entire day.

Did anything funny happen at the wedding?

My mom and my step-mom had a dance-off at some point in the night. I missed it, but that was something I really wish I could’ve seen! Apparently there was a circle around them, and they were battling it out (in a joking way, of course). From what I hear, it was hilarious.

What colors did you choose for your wedding day?

Our main color scheme was blush pink with lots of greenery. Each bridesmaid picked out their own unique dress, floor-length and in the blush color family. The girls looked stunning in the different fabrics and textures. The groomsmen wore blush ties with their Black Notch Suits to match the bridesmaids. For the flowers, we did different hues of pinks and lots of beautiful greenery. We wanted everything to look natural and simple. There were also touches of gold and rose gold around the venue.

How involved was Douglass in the wedding planning process?

I definitely did the majority of the wedding planning, but Douglass was very helpful with the DJ/music selection and choosing the menu. He also coordinated the suits and tuxedos with Generation Tux. He was very “go with the flow” and he agreed with all of the creative decisions I made. I think Douglass enjoyed his tasks and having input on most of the decisions.

What were some of your favorite moments throughout the wedding day?

Everyone in our group loves to dance. We were so excited to play Bohemian Rhapsody as the last song of the night, and it was a hit. Everyone was singing at the top of their lungs while gathered around us. That moment was really great.

Douglass and I had a private dance inside the venue at the very end of the night, after everyone left for the sparkler exit. We got to be alone and talk about the day. It was so special for us. I highly recommend doing it.

My dad and I are super close. He is my rock. I am his only daughter and I have four brothers. I didn’t want to do a first look with Douglass, so I decided to do one with my dad. Neither of us are very emotional people. I hadn’t cried the entire day until I saw my dad. We got to talk and hang out for a little bit before the ceremony. He gave me some precious encouragement and advice. It was an incredibly special moment. I love my dad.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We actually did a mini-moon back in Cancun. We stayed at a different all-inclusive resort. Douglass could only get a few days off of work, so we were there for four days and three nights. We did a catamaran excursion and spent lots of time on the beach. It was a blast!

What is one piece of advice you have for future brides?

It may sound cliché, but try your best to enjoy the day and be happy no matter what. Everything may not work out exactly as planned. When we were getting ready, things were running behind schedule a bit, but I knew that everything would work out at the end of the day. The day goes incredibly fast, so soak up every moment. If you will have trouble relaxing or finding time to sit down and enjoy what’s going on, plan for those moments throughout the day.

What is something you have loved about marriage so far?

Being married to my best friend. I love just being able to say, “this is my husband.” I mostly love having someone alongside me who loves me unconditionally. Douglass is my best friend and a shoulder for me to cry on. I love knowing that someone is always in my corner.

Would you recommend Generation Tux to other brides and grooms?

We would 100% recommend Generation Tux to other brides and grooms. The turnaround for sending replacement garments was so quick. That is what we were most impressed with. Initially, we were going to rent the tuxedos through another online company. However, they were being very difficult to work with, and they did not have certain styles available for our wedding. Generation Tux’s customer experience representatives were so kind and accommodating. The guys looked so sharp. As the bride, I was very pleased with the process. And as the groom, Douglass loved having the control to create the guys outfits and manage the groomsmen.

Images by Rachel Meagan Photography