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Jul, 1 2019

7 Useful Wedding Favors for Your Guests

7 Useful Wedding Favors for Your Guests

Wedding favors are kind of like the cherry on top. They’re not necessarily a must according to wedding etiquette; however, they certainly make a nice treat. So what can you get your guests that they will actually use? Since it’s difficult to know what to select for an entire group of folks with different styles and preferences, we’ve put together a list of ideas to help. Below are seven practical favors that your wedding guests will truly appreciate.

Edible Bites

Who doesn’t enjoy nibbling on something tasty? One of the most popular wedding trends for 2019 is none other than donuts—yum! Whether you provide your guests with a grab bag or choose to box up individual donuts, you can be confident your guests won’t let them go to waste. What’s also equally appealing about donuts is that they generally don’t cost that much either. Literally, it’s a matter of cents once you end up buying several. Cookies are a similar story, and like donuts, you can offer everyone the same flavor or go for an assortment.

Another fun option is to give your guests a s’mores kit. Go with a clear bag and include two graham crackers, a decent piece of chocolate and a fluffy marshmallow. It’s probably not a bad idea to provide some preparation instructions as well, especially if any of your guests are traveling from outside of the U.S. (By the way, these are notably a huge hit with Australians!)

As with any edible favors, it’s of the utmost consideration to remember your guests with food allergies and restrictive diets. Do some research to see what might be a happy medium, or better yet, speak with those individual guests about treats they enjoy eating. When in doubt, a piece of fruit is usually an excellent option. You can even jazz up an apple by attaching a cute message like, “You’re the apple of my eye.”

Jars of Flavor

Small jars are adorable. Like other edible items, jars of jam and honey rank high on the list of gifts that guests actually enjoy receiving. With a jar, you can slap on a cute saying and finish it off with ribbon and voilà, you have a great favor. As with donuts and cookies, you can mix and match flavors or do the same one for all. Again, take into consideration any allergies or dietary restrictions with these gifts.

If these choices really aren’t your jam, barbecue sauce is also another good alternative. Of course, keep in mind that barbecue sauce isn’t going to pair well with a formal wedding. If it’s a casual wedding and one that’s in the South, it just might do the trick. Also, another lovely touch is buying local. Whether it’s jam, honey or barbecue sauce, everyone loves a taste of local flavor.

Picture Frames

If you’d rather not bother with anything edible, frames are a fantastic gift for guests since they’re likely to take pictures at your wedding, anyway. In addition, if you plan to have a photo booth, they’re going to leave with mementos regardless, which makes this the perfect placeholder for said photos. Keep in mind that while you may enjoy a bright, floral print design, this doesn’t mean all of your guests will share the same sentiment. With that said, select frames that complement your reception decor and offer a neutral look in both color and design.


Gifts like succulents or herbs in small pots never go out of style. They’re generally low-maintenance, useful and eco-friendly. They also keep well at home or in the office, and are fairly affordable, considering the price breakdown per unit. Providing they are large enough, they also can double as a centerpiece.


This idea is for any non-DIY people. Yes, some folks truly enjoy making crafts and creating entire parties for this sole purpose, but as you already know, DIY projects are not for everyone. Sunglasses are simply a matter of finding the ones you like, submitting an order and setting them out on the wedding day. Furthermore, what works about sunglasses is that your guests can always use an extra pair to keep around. What’s even better is that you can brand them with your love, whether that includes your names, wedding date or a phrase of significance.

Other Ideas

If you’re planning a casual wedding and you want to make sure your centerpieces have a life beyond the wedding, one way to do this is to send them home with your guests. Of course, you can always check with a nearby hospital about sending them there, too. They will undoubtedly brighten somebody’s day whether it’s a patient or nurse.

Lastly, another worthwhile gift is a donation to a charity on behalf of your guests. Sure, it’s not something they may be able to take home with them, but it’s a thoughtful gesture that can genuinely help someone else. Whether it’s a donation or gift, all that matters is that it comes from your heart.

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