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Nov, 12 2020

Looking Ahead at Wedding Fashion in 2021

Looking Ahead at Wedding Fashion in 2021

As innovators in the men’s suit and tuxedo rental business, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of wedding trends. Generation Tux has teamed up with our friends at Anomolie wedding dresses to share some upcoming trends in the wedding industry you won’t want to overlook in 2021.

Groom’s Free Home Try-On

Hard to believe that we are almost through another year, but with all the challenges in 2020, it’s probably safe to say most are excited about 2021. With only a few months to go before we kick off the 2021 wedding season, we wanted to round up and share what you can expect to see for wedding fashion in 2021 for both grooms and brides.

groom seeing bride for the first time

Online Wedding Fashion

Online wedding fashion is disrupting the industry and we’re here for it. Tech-savvy couples are looking for a convenient and safe way to plan many aspects of their wedding from home and wedding fashion is not exempt from that list. We’ll see couples looking for reputable businesses they can trust who can fulfill this need without compromising the quality, options or experience. With Anomalie and Generation Tux, you can accomplish all of this!

Grooms Get A Fashion Makeover in 2021

First up! The guys cause you to know…that’s our kind of jam. Everyone knows that the classic black tux or suit is not going anywhere. It is such a versatile fashion statement that can be worn for any type of event, and in the 2021 groom style, it will still reign supreme. But we are excited about some new 2021 groom trends. Here’s what you can expect to see at weddings in 2021.


As far as accessories go, one of our favorites is the boutonniere. In 2021 you will see guys adding more personality to their wedding style by mixing things up. We expect to see the groom sporting a boutonniere different from the rest of the wedding party. And quite possibly even each of the guys sporting a unique boutonniere. Of course, this small fashion accessory will still coordinate with the wedding theme and color palette. Look for a mix and match approach to boutonnieres in 2021.

Prints, Patterns & Fabrics

In 2020, we saw grooms and groomsmen embracing fashion by taking their wedding day style to a whole new level. Grooms elevated their style with blue suits and accessories, bold colors such as teal, orange and burgundy really made them stand out. In 2021 grooms are ramping up their fashion statement by embracing new and unexpected colors.

Men who felt traditional black and grey formal attire never allowed them to express themselves honestly; the wedding day suit & tux options are pretty diverse now. And we say, rock on guys!

There is no doubt that 2021 grooms will be more daring, and we are super stoked about it. But what about the ladies? What will 2021 wedding trends bring for the gals?

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2021 Wedding Fashion Trends for Brides & Bridesmaids

While the guys FINALLY have access to many different options for their wedding day look, the gals have embraced uniqueness for years. Millennial brides are leading the charge on making sure that their wedding is as unique as their love story, and their wedding day style is no exception.

Custom Made

Brides in 2021 will be looking for ways to make their wedding day look to fit their personality. And what better way to do that than having your wedding dress custom made. In 2021 custom-made wedding dresses will be at the forefront of wedding day fashion. We expect to see a rise in the number of brides who want to control what they wear on their wedding day. There is no doubt that designing your own wedding dress will be the number one wedding trend in 2021.

A true expert in the field of custom wedding dresses is Anomalie. They offer the most effortless way to customize your wedding dress. You work with a stylist to select and design every aspect of your 2021 wedding gown, from the buttons to lace, silhouette, and more. If you are a bride that wants a custom-designed wedding dress, Anomalie is the best choice. They are indeed America’s most loved online custom wedding dress company.

It’s an incredible time that we are in right now. 2020 has been challenging in many ways. But change can develop into beautiful experiences, so we say let’s do this! Rock your own personal and unique style…welcome the “new norm” for weddings.

This guest post is written by Leslie Voorhees, CEO of Anomalie (the best way for brides to create their wedding dress online).

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