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Jun, 12 2019

Wedding Looks for Dad

Wedding Looks for Dad

With Father’s Day coming in hot, we’re spending some time celebrating dads! After all, it’s not just the groom and groomsmen you have to make sure look good on your wedding day. Both the father of the bride and the father of the groom play important parts in your big day. Especially the father of the bride, who holds the special power of giving away the bride. If the groom’s father is not a groomsman, he’ll need his own getup, too.

You have a couple of choices when it comes to what the fathers wear. You want them to be comfortable, but also look great in pictures. You don’t want to end up with unbalanced pictures, with the dads standing out or clashing too much from the groom and groomsmen. Here are two good routes to take when deciding what dad should wear on your wedding day:


One option is to have your fathers where the same colors and style, if not the exact suit, as your groom and groomsmen. This doesn’t give your fathers a lot of room for their own personal touches, but if you want uniform pictures, then they’re sure to understand.


This is a top notch way to go. Having complementary suits, is a great way for dads to stand out from the rest of the party and be comfortable in your choices, while still looking great in pictures. Planning complementary outfits mostly comes down to style and colors.


You’ll want to make sure the chosen suits are in a similar style. If the groomsmen are wearing blue suits, the fathers should probably stay away from black tuxedos. You can go with the same suit, with some slightly different accessories, like long tie/bow tie or solid vest/patterned vest. Or try for varying styles of the same suit. If the groom is wearing a two-piece suit, maybe dad can wear a three-piece. Just remember to keep the wedding style in mind.


There’s plenty of options here for you to mix and match colors, whether you go with two completely different colored suits, or add different pops of colors to the ensemble. It’s a decision that needs to make in tandem with you and your fathers.

If you want to go with two different colors for suits, it really depends on what you like, but varying shades of colors often go great together—grays and blues especially.

If you instead opt for the same color suit, different pops of color in their outfit is a good option, as well. You can have them wear the same color tie as the groomsmen and/or bridesmaids. Or they can wear a tie in the same color family. For example, if the groomsmen are going with a lavender tie, the father of the bride can opt for another shade in the purple family, like plum or eggplant.

Another option is to go with a tie that is a completely different color, that is still in the color palette of the wedding. Often, there are two main colors, but plenty of options for secondary colors. For instance, blush and burgundy is a popular fall palette, but a palette like this will often include additional colors that come through in the decor, like bronze or green. That’s a minimum four color options.

Ultimately, this is your day, but it’s also an important day for your fathers. You want to make sure they feel included and appreciated. And they should look fantastic, too.

There are so many small details that go into creating your dream wedding, but that doesn’t mean you should have to stress, especially about Dad! Need a father of the bride suit? We’re a one stop shop; see what we have to offer to make your union extraordinary.

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