Choosing Wedding Suits for Men

A man’s wedding is one of the most important days in his life. And dressing impeccably is imperative for this momentous occasion. The groom’s suit and the suits for the groomsmen should complement the venue and coordinate with the theme. But, how are suits selected? And, what accessories are there? Here are a few rules to follow for that special day.

This Wedding Suit Guide for men includes:

  • Select Suiting Based on the Theme and Venue
  • Coordinate the Accessories to Match Color Schemes

Select Suiting Based on the Theme and Venue

Two-piece suits. Three piece suits. Picking out a suit and dressing groomsmen can prove challenging. But, the process is relatively simple. Finding a great suit and accessories is an accomplishment. A man feels successful and can show a little swag at the reception. That’s why where a man gets married and the theme is important.

The location can change the style of suiting and the fabric. Outdoor wedding locations on the beach might warrant lighter colors and fabrics. Trends include blue suits or gray suits. Indoor weddings at a church might call for more traditional colors such as navy suits or black suits.

Bride and Groom on the beach, groomsmen wearing Slate Blue Notch Lapel Suit.
Mystic Blue Peak Lapel Suit, groom and groomsmen.

Coordinate the Accessories to Match Color Schemes

Having the right suit and accessories can give a man confidence. Accessories include neckties, bow ties, suspenders, pocket squares, and cufflinks.

Bow Tie, Necktie, or No Tie

Will the look include a bow tie or a necktie? A black bow tie with a black suit is classic. But, if selecting a colored tie, try to color match the wedding theme or flowers. And, remember, you don’t have to go the traditional route. Wearing no tie is fine for casual weddings like backyards or farms.

Suspenders or a Belt

Suit pants traditionally have belt loops. You can wear suspenders with a suit as a personal preference. But, it’s considered a fashion no-no to wear suspenders and a belt together.

Pocket Squares

A small pocket square can be worn in the breast pocket. Select a coordinating color that matches the wedding theme and bridesmaid dresses.


Wear brown shoes with a blue, tan or gray suit. Wear black shoes with a black or navy suit. Wear flip flops if its a beach wedding and wear cowboy boots to backyard nuptials. Some men wear their favorite Converse or Keds to showcase their personal swagger!

Navy Blue Notch Lapel Suit, groomsmen, and fun socks.
Bride and Groom kissing. Slate Blue Notch Lapel Suit.
Floral arrangement, fall wedding.


Cufflinks are a personal preference. If a groom doesn’t want to wear cufflinks, select a dress shirt with buttons at the cuffs. If wearing cufflinks in silver or gold and a belt is also worn, it should be in the same metal, i.e., gold cufflinks and a gold belt.

Personal Accents

To personalize a wedding theme, consider a flower in a suit lapel. Or, socks in a bold color or striped-pattern. Some men select matching cowboy hats for a barn wedding or beach hats at an exotic locale. Accents and accessories are easy to come up with and ordering suits is even easier.

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