What to Wear to Your Rehearsal Dinner


Your rehearsal dinner is the night when it will all finally feel real. The wedding you have been planning for months is finally about to happen, now it’s time to put the finishing touches on the day so that it can all be picture perfect.

The rehearsal dinner will be a memorable one and it will be a very special event for the wedding’s most important guests (yourself included). That’s why it’s important that you show up in the correct attire. Just as the bride won’t be in her wedding gown, the groom should not show up in his wedding suit.

Figuring Out What To Wear

First and foremost, you’ll need to consider your look from head to toe. That means shoes, pants, shirt, jacket, and tie along with other necessary accessories. As the groom, you want to feel comfortable but you also need to stand out and look the part.

This is really your chance to shine and be unique, which means you should avoid the classic black tuxedo and go for something more personalized. Depending on the formality of the rehearsal dinner, you can either dress your suit up or down to match the occasion. It is acceptable to skip the tie and be more casual for your rehearsal dinner, but the primary thing is coordinating with your bride to ensure neither of you is over- or under-dressed. Most rehearsal dinners won’t have a set dress code, but you should think about the setting and feel so that you (and everyone attending) can wear the right attire.

Groom and groomsmen at wedding reception wearing Mystic Blue Peak Lapel Suit.

What To Avoid

One important thing to avoid is feeling pressured to purchase your suit. Wearing something you already have or renting will be your best be. If you rent, you will have more options and be able to choose higher quality on a smaller budget. Since wedding attire certainly varies depending on the theme you and your bride have chosen, renting your suit will also give you the broadest selection with the least amount of hassle.

Another important tip that you should take to heart when selecting your suit for your rehearsal dinner is to avoid crazy color schemes. Keep things simple and classy. Consider what the bride is wearing and consider the setting for the dinner when choosing your attire. You want to stand out, but not in the wrong way.

Bride and Groom sharing first dance in Bright Blue Notch Lapel Suit.

Why Renting Is a Great Option

There is no reason to buy a suit for your rehearsal dinner. In fact, it is widely advised against. Since this suit will only be used for the rehearsal dinner and because you need to coordinate with whatever your bride chooses to wear, renting from Generation Tux is the smart choice.

We have more than 20 styles of suits and tuxedos to ensure that you can find the perfect option for your rehearsal dinner. We also offer thousands of accessories and color options to make sure that you match your bride while being able to stand out from the crowd.

Modern and slim designs combined with luxury quality materials and a full range of sizing options means we can get you fitted in the right suit for the occasion, with the perfect attire being delivered directly to your door 14 days before your event.

Do you have more than five groomsmen? Rent your suits from GenerationTux.com and your rental will be completely free!

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