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Why a Touch of Gray Suits Any Wedding

A man’s wed­ding is one of the most impor­tant days of his life. And dress­ing impec­ca­bly is imper­a­tive for this momen­tous occa­sion. The groom’s suit and the suits for the grooms­men should com­ple­ment the venue and coor­di­nate with the theme. But, how are suits select­ed? And, what acces­sories are there? Here are a few rules to fol­low for that spe­cial day.

Believe it or not, gray suits for the groom and grooms­men are a great option. After all, this col­or will stand out more than dark­er shades, such as navy or black, but will still offer the sophis­ti­ca­tion need­ed for this event. Some of the rea­sons gray is the per­fect, go-to suit col­or for any wed­ding are high­light­ed here.

groom and groomsmen in restaurant wearing Cement Gray Notch Lapel Suit


Gray offers great sea­son­al ver­sa­til­i­ty. Many grooms choose gray for the warmer months (i.e. spring or sum­mer wed­dings) or for des­ti­na­tion wed­dings due to the fact that the lighter shade offers a break from the dark­er col­ors tra­di­tion­al­ly used dur­ing the win­ter or fall months.

For exam­ple, you can opt for a dark­er shade for fall, or for more for­mal occa­sions but, lighter in the sum­mer. Keep in mind, to help the groom stand out, con­sid­er a dark­er or lighter col­or for his suit, com­pared to his grooms­men.

Also, soft­er brighter col­ors pair well with gray suits. This can solid­i­fy the col­ors’ place as a sta­ple for the warmer sea­sons of the year. While gray is def­i­nite­ly a great option for warm weath­er, it’s also excel­lent for win­ter and fall, too.

groom wearing Light Gray Plaid Notch Lapel Suit.


Gray isn’t quite as for­mal as black or navy, but it is also not as loud as a bril­liant blue. In fact, gray is con­sid­ered the right “in-between” option for those who want some­thing time­less that can be styled up or down.

Based on the dif­fer­ent accents and ele­ments select­ed, a gray suit can either offer a relaxed feel, or a refined look. The appear­ance of a gray suit as being a street-style go-to option has trans­formed this option as a favorite of mil­len­ni­als and younger men. As a result, it’s a great option for grooms­men, lead­ing to the next rea­son.


Gray isn’t a “one-trick” pony. There are count­less ways to make it a great choice for a wed­ding par­ty. If a wed­ding is more for­mal, then a gray suit is the ide­al dap­per option. For a more clas­sic event, the suit can be com­ple­ment­ed with a gray or black tie, brown Oxfords and a white but­ton-down shirt. If casu­al is the order of the day, or even a relaxed vibe, then opt to get rid of the ties, don sus­penders and choose lighter or pat­terned acces­sories.

Gray is one of those wed­ding col­ors that can work with any type or size of event. It can be manip­u­lat­ed to work, regard­less of the tone or any oth­er fac­tor present. When the groom is choos­ing suits for his grooms­men, one of the best things he can do is to choose gray. Not only will it look amaz­ing, but it will be some­thing the men will actu­al­ly love wear­ing.

Bride and groom wearing a gray suit posing in front of mountains


Gen­er­a­tion Tux offers a wide vari­ety of suits and tuxe­dos. You will be sure to find a solu­tion to your wed­ding par­ty needs. With their a la carte rental options you will be able to mix and match accord­ing­ly. The best part? No more pick­ing up the suits the day before the wed­ding. Gen­er­a­tion Tux deliv­ers your looks direct­ly to your par­ty 14 days before your event. With free replace­ments and no exchanges nec­es­sary.

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