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Tuxedo and Suit Rentals in Austin

Are you searching for a suit and tuxedo rental in Austin you can hang your hat on? Generation Tux offers a fully online way to find a stylish tuxedo or suit rental in Austin, Texas.

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Convenient Formalwear Rentals Near Austin

Want to know the best part? We get your perfect look to your doorstep 14 days before an event without the need for any in-store visits. We also offer grooms the option to try on their tux at home before making a decision, so there’s no risk of a disappointed bride or upset groom. Austin may be famous for its live music, however, the news that you no longer have to make an appointment to snag a tuxedo rental in Austin is the real music to your ears.

Our Rental Process

How does Generation Tux hook you up with a tuxedo rental near Austin that fits without ever seeing you in person? We’re not exactly new to this rodeo. We've used our 40 years of experience and passion for convenience to develop a fit algorithm. We use millions of data points to create the right fit based on a few simple questions. Just let us know your age, height, shoe size, and jean size to skip the inconvenient in-person tailoring session. As an added bonus, we ship to nationwide. With Generation Tux, you'll have full control when it comes to choosing the style, fit, and color of the design you want for your tux or suit rental near Austin.

North Austin

Why would you want to spend your time inside waiting for a tuxedo rental near Austin when you could be out having fun in North Austin? Wouldn’t your time be better spent taking a long walk through St. Edward's Park or trying out one of the new skydiving simulators in town? With Generation Tux, we take care of the heavy-lifting and ship your suit or tux to you 14 days before your event. All of that saved time gives you plenty of time to soak in North Austin’s sights and sounds before your big day.

Franklin Park

We think a box from Generation Tux would look great on your Franklin Park porch. Why leave your suburban slice of the city if you don't really have to? With our online system, you can rent your next suit or tux anywhere at anytime- whether you’re poolside or binging on netflix from your couch

West University

Are you looking for a suit and tuxedo rental in Austin that’s easy for someone in the West University section of the city? There's no need to leave your bubble to go in search of a suit and tuxedo rental near Austin. You can focus on taking late night strolls down those leafy West University sidewalks while we do the work of shipping your tux or suit to you behind the scenes!

Austin Tuxedo and Suit Rental Services We Offer

We've got a 10-gallon hat full of the best suit and tuxedo rentals in Austin. It really doesn't get more convenient than online ordering and straight-to-your-door delivery. Better yet, shipping is always free when you book a suit rental in Austin through Generation Tux. We'll even cover the shipping costs if you request a replacement. We think Austin is hot enough as it is! That's why we'll never make you sweat by scheduling your final fitting just hours before your event the way most traditional places that offer a suit rental in Austin do. Your Generation Tux order shows up with 14 days to go to ensure a totally hiccup-free experience. That's not the only thing that makes us the best thing going. Most rental places typically demand your rental back the next day. Generation Tux gives you an industry-defying three-day return window. So rest up post-event. Sleep it off.

A Selection Like No Other

We're pretty sure nobody was talking about tuxedo options when they created the slogan imploring people to Keep Austin Weird. Generation Tux's world-class selection of suits and tuxedos will make you a believer. Our designs feature high-end Merino wool, impeccable lines, crisp colors, and slim cuts. There's nothing weird about that! We also offer an extensive assortment of shirts, shoes, belts, and wherever else you need to pull your look together.

Colors, Colors, and More Colors!

Let's talk color swatches for a minute. We'll ship some to you for free as you're making your decision about a suit and tuxedo rental near Austin. Our color swatches make it easy to match your tux's accent colors to the color theme you've already picked out for your wedding. Your tuxedo and swatches will be delivered for free and don't miss the chance to try your outfit on pre-event if you're a groom, with our Home Try-on* program.

Take Your Wedding Tux for a Trial Spin Before the Wedding

Calling all grooms who want to look stylish. Generation Tux offers an exclusive Home Try-on option for grooms. We give you 48 hours to get a feel for your tuxedo before you make a decision. Let us know when you're ready to get the ball rolling and reserve your suit or tux for your big day.

Formalwear Rentals in Austin From Generation Tux

The wait for your wedding-day tuxedo or a suit for a formal event shouldn't be as dramatic as the final selections at the SXSW Film Festival. Get started by arranging to try on your future wedding tuxedo at home today. We will never leave you wondering when your rental wear will be ready. We're going to get your suit or tuxedo to you 14 days before your event, cover all shipping costs, provide you with amazing customer service, deliver color swatches, and give you the chance to request replacements if you're not totally happy! Did we mention that grooms get a free tuxedo rental with five paid rentals? That alone makes it crazy to even think about looking for a wedding tuxedo rental near Austin anywhere else. Why are you making the process of finding a tuxedo rental any harder than it needs to be? Trust your look for your wedding or special event to us if you love the idea of skipping the need to schedule fittings, pickups, returns, and anything else that might pop up. We love being the go-to suit and tuxedo rental name for Austin's spirited residents.

Austin Tuxedo and Suit Rental FAQs

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Tuxedo rental in Austin just got easy.

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