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Tuxedo and Suit Rentals in Charlotte

Searching for the perfect suit or tuxedo rental in Charlotte? With Generation Tux and our simple online rental process, you can design your suit or tux from the comfort of your living room.

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Your Personalized Suit and Tuxedo Rental in Charlotte

When you’re on the search for a suit rental in Charlotte, you don’t have time to roam all around town. You’ve got places to be and people to see, oh, and a big event to attend. Don’t sweat it though, Generation Tux has you covered. You can create your look online and we’ll have your tux or suit sitting on your doorstep a full 14 days before your event. You’ll score the best tuxedo rental in Charlotte without ever having to leave your living room. Easy? Yes. Convenient? You bet.

Charlotte is known as “Queen City”, and she’s certainly enchanting. When you’re representing her royal highness, you can’t show up in just any ol’ suit, you need an outfit that reigns over the rest. Allow Generation Tux to help dress you to the nines. Our suits are so good, you’ll be checking yourself out in every reflection you set eyes on. We have over 20 different suit and tuxedo styles to choose from and we deliver to wherever you call home, from South End to NoDa. Our service is so quick and easy, there’s no other company up for the task.

When it comes to finding a suit rental in Charlotte, put down the GPS and start building your GenTux event instead. Snag your favorite seat in the house, get cozy in your PJs, or heck, do it in your underwear--we don’t judge. Breathe easy knowing there’s no annoying sales guy stalking your every move. And you won’t have to get poked and prodded for measurements either. Hallelujah. Browse through over 20 styles of 100% merino wool suits and tuxedos, and say goodbye to those awkward boxy styles. With us, you know you’re getting quality. And you know you’ll look good.

Once you finalize your order, just sit back, relax, and wait for your suit to arrive on your steps. No, seriously, just find a way to relax. You have a million other things on your plate, but with our simple rental services, your suit isn’t one of them. Before you know it, your suit will be on your doorstep a full 14 days prior to your event. See? We told you it was easy.

South End

Sure, you could spend your weekend freaking out over finding a suit and tuxedo rental near Charlotte, or you could be kicking it at one of South End’s hip breweries. Actually, we take that back. You could be kicking it at one of South End’s hip breweries while creating your look and ordering it online. That’s what we call multitasking at its finest.


Need a little creative inspiration for your suit look? NoDa has art galleries and murals galore. Spark your creative fire and then start building your look with our online platform. Color? Accessories? We’ve thought of it all. Design your personal look and get your groomsmen to match. We have all the best options, so it’s a “no-da” decision.


Dilworth has all of the historic charm you could ask for, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy a suit the old-fashioned way. Skip dressing room purgatory and create and rent your look online instead. When you order with us, your suit or tux will arrive at whatever Dilworth address you call home.


You can’t help but feel cool as you walk the streets of trendy Elizabeth. This neighborhood exudes coolness and would never accept a boxy, ill-fitting suit. That just won’t do. Find your fit with us and your perfect suit will arrive 14 days before your event. Hey, we won’t tell if you give it a night out on the town before your big day.

Charlotte Tuxedo and Suit Rental Services We Offer

If you’re wasting your day holding your arms out for measurements and trying on 15 tuxedos at a traditional tuxedo and suit rental near Charlotte, you’re doing it all wrong. Back away from the rental shop, and allow us to save you. Our process takes place entirely online, so you’ll never have to step into a dressing room again.

Figure Out Your Fit

Remember that time you wore your brother’s suit to your buddy’s wedding? Yeah, you won’t make that mistake again. At Generation Tux, our fashion-forward fit technology ensures your suit or tuxedo arrives with the perfect fit. We promise you won’t ever show up drowning in your suit again. We have all sorts of sizes--even kid sizes down to 3T for the ring bearer in your crew. Sort through over 20 styles in our collection and pick between modern or slim fits to find the most flattering cut for you.

Spice Up Your Suit

Once you figure out your fit and style, it’s time for the fun part. Grab your partner or best man and check out our color swatches. You can match your suits to the bridesmaid dresses or you go a little wild with your color scheme--it’s your day after all. Once you settle on a shade, it’s time to accessorize. Belt or suspenders? Cufflinks or pocket squares? Our accessories help bring your style up a notch. After you’ve pinpointed your look, it’s easy to do the same for your groomsmen-you know you don’t want to leave it up to the guys. And with five paid rentals, the groom’s suit or tuxedo is on the house.

Above and Beyond the Traditional Tuxedo Rental Near Charlotte

Why would you race to the store 24 hours before your Big Day when you can rest easy knowing your suit will be in your hands a full 14 days before your event? With Generation Tux, you don’t have to fret, because we deliver your garment well in advance. We even give you three days after your event to return your suit. Now that’s convenience.

Grooms Get the Star Treatment

If you’re a groom, you get the added perk of getting to try your suit on at home before your big day. Our free Home Try-On* program, gives grooms 48-hours to test drive their suit or tuxedo and to make sure it’s the one for them. If you feel like a rock star, it’s yours to keep for the Big Day. But if you’re thinking another look might do the trick, you can easily return it free of charge.

Formalwear Rentals in Charlotte from Generation Tux

With a nickname like Queen City, you know Charlotte doesn’t settle for average. From her trendy neighborhoods to her NASCAR roots, she knows what she likes. Charlotte has high expectations and we love her style. When you’re picking out a suit, take a page out of this city’s book and don’t settle for anything less than amazing.

At Generation Tux, we’ll help you achieve greatness. We offer you the education and inspiration you need to rent a suit that will make heads turn. Simply hop online, pick your suit, and it’ll be on your doorstep in no time. Our rental and delivery process is so easy, you’d be silly to rent a suit any other way.

It’s important that you look and feel your best without adding unnecessary stress to your life. Our Home Try-On program gives grooms 48-hours with their look to figure out if it’s the one for them. That’s right, you get two whole days to get your friends’ and family’s opinion on your suit or tuxedo before commiting to the look. If we can cross even just one thing off your to-list, then our job here is done.

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Tuxedo rental in Charlotte just got easy.

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