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How It Works

How to Rent a Suit or Tux for a Wedding

It’s time to say “I do” to your wedding suit rental. With Generation Tux, you can learn the ins and outs of how to rent a tux, create a wedding day look that suits your style, and organize events—all from your phone, computer, or tablet. Check out our website and browse our collection today to find your perfect wedding suit or tuxedo rental.

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How to Rent a Tux for a Wedding, the Right Way


You’re working hard to plan an unforgettable event, and your to-do list is overflowing. Generation Tux is here to take some of the pressure off— and to change your definition of what a mens wedding suit rental can be. At Generation Tux, we’ve created a convenient, hassle-free way to find your wedding suit or tuxedo rental. With free shipping and replacements, pre-paid returns, exclusive perks for grooms, and an award-winning Customer Experience team. Once you give us a try you won’t ever go back to those stressful tuxedo shops again. With our easy-to-use website, you can easily browse through our selection of over 20 suits and tuxedos, select and customize your look, and then sit back and relax. Everything will arrive at your doorstep 14 days before the big day. At Generation Tux, everything is handled online from our groomsmen tuxedo rental services to fitting and measurements. As an added benefit, grooms that rent with Generation Tux get to take advantage of our free Home Try-On* program. With this perk, you have 48 hours to try-out your wedding outfit rental months in advance, all from the comfort of your own home.

No store visits. No traffic. No stress. Just a convenient way to get that timeless wedding style you’ve been looking for.

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Design Your Look


Trying to match a bowtie to a bridesmaid dress? We’ve got you covered. Want to see the difference in our navy and mystic blue? We’ll show you. At Generation Tux we understand seeing and feeling the fabric you’ll be wearing is important, that’s why we’ll deliver swatches to your door, at no charge. Choose your color combination and get closer to your perfect look.

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At Generation Tux, we understand style. With over 20 Merino wool suit and tuxedo styles in modern and slim designs, thousands of color accessories and a full range of sizes, you are guaranteed to find the perfect wedding look for your event.

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Whether it’s a groomsman, ring bearer, father of the bride or an old friend, your paid members can qualify you for a free groom’s rental, or you can keep it! When five or more people in your party rent a suit or tuxedo, the groom’s rental is on the house. Have seven or more people renting for your wedding? Then the groom gets a free rental and can keep his look forever.

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Get Fit


Planning a wedding is no simple task. You’re busy— too busy to spend hours in a tuxedo shop being measured. With Generation Tux, there’s no measuring tape or store visits needed.

All we need to get you into a perfectly fitted wedding suit/tuxedo is a bit of basic information—things like height, weight, and jean size—and we will take it from there. With our innovative fit technology, we ensure that your big day look will arrive with a fit that is just right.

At Generation Tux, you don’t need to stress about picking up your wedding-day attire last minute. When your out-of-towners are arriving, you won’t be trekking across town for your wedding tux rental, or praying that your groomsmen tuxedo rentals all work out. Everything will already be in place since Generation Tux delivers your suit and tuxedo rentals a full 14 days before your event.

With FREE replacements and our award-winning Customer Experience team, there’s plenty of time for us to find the right fit for you.

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Home Try-on

Make sure it is right. This is your wedding day and the walk down the aisle has to be perfect. You can’t risk spending the best day of your life in an ill fitted wedding suit or tuxedo rental. That’s why Generation Tux offers our grooms a free, no-risk, 48-hour Home Try-on program. With this perk, grooms have two-full days to test-drive their look, make sure that their outfit matches other wedding elements, get opinions on the fit style, and to make sure that suit or tuxedo is selfie and Instagram-ready— well in advance of the actual big day.

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With Generation Tux, we make coordinating your wedding party a breeze. Design a look for your groomsmen and easily add them to your event. From there, simply text your party with a link to the look you’ve designed and we’ll take care of the rest of the groomsmen tuxedo rental details. With the ability to track all orders in your group from start to finish, you can see exactly where things stand anytime from anywhere.

Receiving Groom’s suit home try-on before wedding

Receive & Return

Get it early. Convenient returns.

Unlike store rentals, which require you to pick up your suit or tux the day before your wedding, your party will receive your orders 14 days before your event. The early delivery allows plenty of time to try on your garments. Should anything not fit to your preference, we will expedite free replacements to your door, no exchanges necessary. After your event, place all items back in the box, stick the prepaid shipping label on the box, and send away. It’s not due back for 3 days, no reason to rush. It’s that simple.

Turn off your maps app, no need to go anywhere. With Generation Tux, renting your wedding day tux has never been more convenient.

Need Inspiration?

Our grooms are a stylish bunch. Check out some of the mens wedding suit rental looks that have been created right here at Generation Tux and worn down aisles across the country.


*Home Try-On garments subject to availability