Black Shawl Lapel Tux: Look 4


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Our tuxedo pants do not have belt loops and cannot be worn with a belt; however, they do accept clip-in suspenders.

  • Black Shawl Lapel Tuxedo
  • White Point Collar Shirt
  • Skinny Black Silk Necktie
  • White Pocket Square
  • Black Gloss Tuxedo Shoes/Black Socks
This look achieves a remarkable effect -- it makes men appear taller and slimmer. The deep "V" shape that's created by the low, single button stance of the jacket is combined with the skinny tie, which hyper accentuates the illusion of elongating the torso. Featuring our one-button, black tuxedo with satin-faced shawl lapels, this ensemble includes a 100% cotton white point collar shirt, skinny black silk tie, white pocket square, and black gloss tuxedo shoes. A great presentation for any gentleman who wants to walk tall at their big event.

Items included in this look