Midnight Blue Peak Lapel Tux: Look 3


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Our tuxedo pants do not have belt loops and cannot be worn with a belt; however, they do accept clip-in suspenders.

  • Midnight Blue Peak Lapel Tuxedo
  • White Point Collar Shirt
  • Black Satin Tie
  • Black and Silver Cufflinks and Studs
  • Black Gloss Tuxedo Shoes/Black Socks
The necktie pushes this look to the edge. Featuring our super 140s Merino wool, one-button, midnight blue tuxedo with black satin-faced lapels, it includes a 100% cotton white point collar shirt and a black silk necktie to accentuate the long lines of the peak lapels. It's finished with black gloss tuxedo shoes and black/silver shirt studs with matching cufflinks. Going with a non-traditional tie, this look is for a modern man who is comfortable standing apart from the crowd.

Items included in this look