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10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Send-Off Alternatives

Gone are the days of throw­ing rice as the bride and groom make their grand exit. Of course, if you choose to use rice, there’s no dan­ger to wildlife, but many venues have made the deci­sion not to use rice and oth­er con­fet­ti-like mate­ri­als for cleanup pur­pos­es.

In hon­or of Earth Day, we’ve com­piled a list of 10 rice and con­fet­ti alter­na­tives that are great for easy cleanup and com­plete­ly safe for the envi­ron­ment.

1. Flowers/Petals

Dried flow­ers or flower petals are not only roman­tic and col­or­ful, they’re also 100% nat­ur­al. If there’s a few buds missed dur­ing cleanup, it won’t be a big deal what­so­ev­er.

2. Leaves

Small green leaves are eco-friend­ly and make for love­ly, rich pho­tos. If you’re plan­ning a fall wed­ding, col­lect­ing leaves from the ground and hav­ing your guests throw those will look like you’re danc­ing through an autumn won­der­land.

3. Birdseed

Cleanup is prac­ti­cal­ly unnec­es­sary. Plus, if you’re still ner­vous about birds con­sum­ing rice, actu­al bird­seed is a smart alter­na­tive.

bride and groom in blues suit during wedding recessional

4. Lavender

Laven­der or oth­er dried herbs are beau­ti­ful, sweet-smelling and all nat­ur­al. Per­fect for out­door send­offs.

5. Ribbon wands

You’ll receive the fairy­land send-off with wands dec­o­rat­ed with rib­bon. Add in a bell and you’ll have a cho­rus fol­low you as you go. Even bet­ter, they nev­er touch the ground and your guests can keep them as a reminder of your day.

6. Biodegradable confetti

Con­fet­ti and oth­er con­fet­ti-like mate­ri­als (glit­ter, sequins) are clas­sic and fun for a wed­ding send-off, but unless you’re doing it inside, cleanup is dif­fi­cult. With biodegrad­able con­fet­ti, if you miss some, it’ll just dis­ap­pear in time.

bride and groom in blue suit during wedding recessional

7. Bubbles

A whim­si­cal alter­na­tive that looks great in pho­tos, espe­cial­ly if you do your send-off at the per­fect time of day, when the bub­bles catch the light just right. Bub­bles also require zero cleanup.

8. Paper airplanes

Adorable, per­fect for the well-trav­eled cou­ple, and large enough to make cleanup easy. They also act as well-wish­es as you head off on your hon­ey­moon.

9. Sparklers

A pop­u­lar choice that makes for some amaz­ing send-off pho­tos, espe­cial­ly at night. Sparklers are just as fun for your guests as they are for you.

bride and groom during sparkler sendoff

10. Glow sticks

A sub­sti­tute for sparklers that are fun, clean, and great for evening send-offs.

What­ev­er you go with for your send-off, it should be 100 per­cent you, as long as your venue clears it. Easy cleanup is def­i­nite­ly a huge perk, but as long as it match­es your style and you’re hap­py with the out­come, a good time will be had by all. And your pic­tures will look amaz­ing!

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