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About Our Tuxedo & Suit Ties

Generation Tux ties are available in a variety of styles, patterns and colors. Perfect for both suits and tuxedos, these ties will work for any occasion and perfectly coordinate with bridesmaids, wedding parties, linens, florals and more.

Tie Styles

From tuxedo bow ties, to long ties to pre-tied ties, Generation Tux has everything you need to complete your formal wear look. Whether you're the groom, the groomsmen, the father of the bride, or a guest, Generation Tux has a tie that you'll love.

Tie Patterns

Ties don't have to be just solid. At Generation Tux they come in a variety of patterns. From striped ties, to zigzag, plaid and paisley, all the way to polka dotted ties, we've got something to add fun and style to your suit or tuxedo.

Tie Colors

Show your personality with your tie color. With a rainbow of tie colors and hues available, you'll easily find something to express yourself. Match your suit or tuxedo with more than 400 ties to choose from. From champagne ties, emerald ties, to nude ties, you'll find something that'll work for every season and type of event.