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25 Memorable Proposal Ideas

Plan­ning a Mem­o­rable Pro­pos­al

Ideas, Tips, and Hacks for the Soon-to-be Engaged

So, you’re think­ing about pop­ping the ques­tion. (Con­grat­u­la­tions!)

Propos­ing to your part­ner is a big deal—and like most big life events, there’s a lot of pres­sure to get every­thing just right. Over our years in the wed­ding suit and tuxe­do rental indus­try, we’ve heard about some pret­ty amaz­ing mar­riage pro­pos­al ideas. We’ve cre­at­ed a list of some of our favorite sto­ries, so hope­ful­ly they will pro­vide you with some inspi­ra­tion as you plan your own big moment.

Per­son­al­iz­ing Your Mar­riage Pro­pos­al

We’ve list­ed 25 pro­pos­al ideas that range from sim­ple to over-the-top. As you start to plan your own pro­pos­al, you will find that there are a lot of ways to make your big moment your own. Songs, land­marks, sen­ti­men­tal items, inside jokes— these can all be incor­po­rat­ed into your pro­pos­al expe­ri­ence. No mat­ter what details you choose to include, your pro­pos­al will be unique to you and your part­ner, even if you’re draw­ing inspi­ra­tion from oth­er cou­ples. 

1. Go Where You First Met

Pay homage to the spe­cial spot where you and your part­ner got your first glimpses of each oth­er by propos­ing where you met. This spot may be on the street out­side of your apart­ment, a now-closed bar, the ele­va­tor of your pre­vi­ous job— the place may dif­fer from cou­ple to cou­ple, but the ener­gy in that space remains the same. Launch­ing the next step in your jour­ney where it all began is a beau­ti­ful way to make your pro­pos­al a sen­ti­men­tal, life-long mem­o­ry.

2. Put Your Game Face On

Do you and your part­ner love to get com­pet­i­tive? Whether you enjoy play­ing video games or plac­ing bets, if you love com­pe­ti­tion you can turn your pro­pos­al into a game, one that ends in a nice ring and life-long com­mit­ment. Of course, this should prob­a­bly be the one time you let your part­ner win.

3. Overlook a Perfect Vista

Do you love the ocean? Crave those soar­ing moun­tain views? A great way to pop the ques­tion is to find a pic­turesque loca­tion and let nature pro­vide the back­drop for your big moment.

4. Buy Their Favorite Treat

This is one of our favorite sim­ple pro­pos­al ideas. Food is close­ly tied to mem­o­ry and feel­ing, so whether your part­ner is a fiend for cheese curls, cook­ie dough ice cream, or tonkot­su ramen, buy them their favorite guilty plea­sure, and stow your engage­ment ring some­where they’ll find it— atop a sun­dae, taped inside the chip pack­et, or wrapped around a pair of take­out chop­sticks. For an extra touch, have some cham­pagne on ice so that you can toast to your future after they say yes.

5. Organize a Flash Mob

Flash mob pro­pos­als are not for the shy cou­ple, as it will cer­tain­ly get heads turn­ing! For a cou­ple that shines in the spot­light, a flash mob is a fun and excit­ing way to pro­pose. Search the web for a local flash mob group in your area, or get your friends and fam­i­ly in on the act. Oh, and don’t for­get, you’re going to want to make sure that your bestie is on-hand to record the whole thing. 

6. Celebrate a Birthday or Holiday With Flair

If your part­ner takes gift giv­ing seri­ous­ly, it might be time to pull out the Big One: a ring. We rec­om­mend the ole fake-out: put a clas­sic vel­vet ring box inside a series of oth­er box­es that need to be unwrapped, Russ­ian doll style. As soon as the paper of the final box is torn, kneel down on one knee and get to it.

7. Wait for Sunset (or Sunrise)

Do a bit of research about some local spots that boast a beau­ti­ful sun­rise or sun­set view, make sure you have the exact time of sun­rise or sun­set, and plan around that. Propos­ing as the sky bursts into col­ors around you is a cin­e­mat­ic way to pop the ques­tion and will cre­ate a moment that nei­ther of you will ever for­get.

8. Organize a Shoutout

Does your part­ner lis­ten to the same radio show or pod­cast on their way to work every morn­ing? If they do, a great way to pop the ques­tion is to orga­nize an on-air pro­pos­al with the DJ or host— just make sure that your sig­nif­i­cant oth­er will actu­al­ly be lis­ten­ing at the right time. (Pro tip: on the big day, find an excuse to com­mute into work with them so you can see their reac­tion in real-time)

9. Sleep Under the Stars

A camp­ing trip is a great way to pop the ques­tion— it’s inti­mate, beau­ti­ful, and presents a per­fect metaphor of the end­less adven­tures that lie ahead. Whether you pitch a tent next to crash­ing waves or desert moun­tains, pulling out your ring next to a roar­ing fire and sky full of stars is the ulti­mate roman­tic move.

10. Learn a Special Song

Do you and your part­ner have a spe­cial song? Have you always felt like the next big undis­cov­ered pop star? Time to put all of that unrec­og­nized tal­ent to use and to pop the ques­tion as you sing the song that defines your rela­tion­ship. Singing not your thing? You could always hire a pro­fes­sion­al to ser­e­nade you and your love as you ask the biggest ques­tion of your life.

11. Recreate a Famous Scene

Are you and your part­ner movie fans? Recre­ate your favorite roman­tic com­e­dy pro­pos­al scene and before launch­ing into your own per­son­al mono­logue. Your part­ner will run through all of the clas­sic rom­com emo­tions, laugh­ter, tears, and of course, hap­pi­ness as they say “yes” through their tears of joy.

12. Involve a Stranger

Sur­prise your part­ner (and a stranger) by turn­ing an inno­cent pho­to into a pro­pos­al. If the two of you are at a big event like a music fes­ti­val, con­cert, or big game, ask a stranger to take a few pic­tures of the two of you. Instruct them to just keep click­ing away, and then pose for a few nor­mal shots with your part­ner. After a minute, pull the ring out and let the pho­tos doc­u­ment the big sur­prise. 

13. Write it Out

Involv­ing a shared hob­by is a great way to pro­pose. If the two of you love to play Scrab­ble togeth­er, for instance, pur­pose­ly giv­ing your­self the right let­ters to spell out MARRY ME on the board is a cute, win­ning way to pro­pose. 

14. Get a Cake

Does your sig­nif­i­cant oth­er have a sweet tooth? Go to your local bak­ery and order their favorite cake Have the bak­er pipe “Will You Mar­ry Me?” on the top,  present it to them, and then pull out the ring. There’s no bet­ter way to cel­e­brate your partner’s big “yes” than with a nice sug­ar rush with a side of cham­pagne. 

15. A Fortune(ate) Moment

Is Chi­nese food your go-to take-out meal? If your favorite restau­rant serves for­tune cook­ies at the end of a meal, this can be a fun way to pro­pose. When your cook­ies arrive, open both of them, and sneak­i­ly swap your part­ner’s for­tune for one that you’ve writ­ten. Hand it to them and watch as their eyes widen and light up with joy.

16. Enjoy Your Favorite Romance

If you’re both a lit­tle obsessed with a series or book— use that in your pro­pos­al. Vis­it a style of restau­rant fea­tured in the book, an exist­ing land­mark where your favorite series is based,  or go to a stage ver­sion of your favorite book. Incor­po­rat­ing your favorite Net­flix binge or library sta­ple in your pro­pos­al is a per­son­al way to make your pro­pos­al even more mem­o­rable.

17. Recreate Your First Date or “I Love You”

Maybe you had your first kiss in front of a hot dog stand or said “I love you” for the first time at the local aquar­i­um. Wher­ev­er your spe­cial spot is, bring your sig­nif­i­cant oth­er back there on a date and give the spot a make-over by cement­ing it as the place where you start­ed the next phase of your jour­ney togeth­er. Pro tip: if you can, wear the same thing that you did on your first date. This will put a sen­ti­men­tal spin on your big moment.

18. Go For a Hike

Are you and your part­ner nature lovers? If you answered yes, a day of hik­ing will get your endor­phins flow­ing which will give you tons of ener­gy to pop the big ques­tion. We rec­om­mend wait­ing to make the big ask until you reach the sum­mit, drink some water, and catch your breath–this way you will get the big “yes” as you take in some killer views and stun­ning vis­tas. 

19. Involve Your Little Ones

If your lit­tle fam­i­ly involves a child, make them a part of your big pro­pos­al. Have your lit­tle guy or girl cre­ate a draw­ing or paint­ing of you all as a fam­i­ly, and write-out “Will you mar­ry me?” on the bag as a sen­ti­men­tal, unfor­get­table way to ask the big ques­tion. 

20. Bring Your Furry Friend Aboard

Do you two have a furba­by? Fix­ing the ring box to their col­lar and hav­ing them walk over to your part­ner is a real­ly cute way to involve them in your big moment.

21. Get the Celebrity Treatment

The com­bi­na­tion of social media and ser­vices like Cameo have made the once impos­si­ble a real­i­ty— incor­po­rat­ing your favorite celebri­ty into your pro­pos­al. Enlist­ing the help of your part­ner’s favorite musi­cian, actor, or real­i­ty star to pop the big ques­tion is an unfor­get­table way to start the rest of your lives togeth­er. 

22. Head to a Photo Booth

Does your local train sta­tion or shop­ping cen­ter have an old fash­ioned pho­to booth? Under the ruse of “going for a nice meal,” get dressed up and head out. Sug­gest a quick pho­to before din­ner, and once you’re set up in the pho­to booth and the cam­era gets click­ing, pro­pose. It will all be caught onto the film­strip, which will be print­ed instant­ly for you. Then, go to din­ner as planned, and show your wait­staff the pho­to! Chances are, cham­pagne will be on the house.

23. Have a Special Dinner 

Go to your favorite restau­rant, order the most indul­gent items on the menu, and speak to the wait­staff about hav­ing a bot­tle of cham­pagne for the moments after the big “yes” is uttered.

24. Go on a Dream Vacation

Have you two always dreamt of see­ing the Eif­fel Tow­er togeth­er? Catch­ing a glimpse of the Taj Mahal? Swim­ming the Great Bar­ri­er Reef? Make your trip of a life­time even more mem­o­rable by propos­ing when you’re in front of the spot you’ve always talked about vis­it­ing.

25. Create an Audience

Are you used to an audi­ence? Whether you’re a standup come­di­an, singer-song­writer, or pub­lic speak­er, if your part­ner does­n’t mind the spot­light, a staged pro­pos­al is a fun idea. Ask them to come to a spe­cif­ic per­for­mance of your show, and at the end, call them onstage, explain how impor­tant they are to you, and pop the ques­tion while every­body cheers.  

You did it! Now comes the wed­ding plan­ning. Lucky for you, Gen­er­a­tion Tux is here to help. Select and plan your wed­ding day look online, enjoy spe­cial grooms-only perks, and have your ensem­ble deliv­ered and picked up at your door with plen­ty of time to spare. Learn more today! 

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