5 Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding Gift Registry


Out for gift reg­istries are din­ing plates and linens and in are GoPros and hon­ey­moons. Because does any cou­ple actu­al­ly say that they can’t wait to receive some new sheets and tow­els for their wed­ding? So why not receive items you’ll not only be excit­ed about, but also actu­al­ly use, and in doing so make for an even more mem­o­rable wed­ding. Today we’re shar­ing a few alter­na­tives to the tra­di­tion­al gift reg­istry.


This is a dou­ble-wham­my because not only does it make a great gift for a cou­ple, but it takes out the stress of plan­ning and bud­get­ing a hon­ey­moon for what’s already an expen­sive and stress­ful time. Plus, which are you going to cher­ish more, a hon­ey­moon or a pair of flan­nel sheets? There are a num­ber of hon­ey­moon fund sites out there, such as Hon­ey­fund, which makes it easy for guests to eas­i­ly send mon­ey for a couple’s hon­ey­moon.


As great as gifts are, some cou­ple sim­ply don’t need it or would rather use it as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to give back to their favorite char­i­ty. Sev­er­al dif­fer­ent char­i­ta­ble reg­istries are out there, such as The Knot, which makes it easy for cou­ples to sim­ply add a char­i­ty to a tra­di­tion­al reg­istry page. Oth­er ways include the I Do Foun­da­tion, which allows cou­ples to cre­ate a char­i­ty fund by select­ing the organization(s) that guests can donate to.

gift table at wedding reception


This is per­haps the most prac­ti­cal gift reg­istry for the long-term. Cou­ples are like­ly either mov­ing into a new home, plan­ning on mov­ing into a new home after their wed­ding or work­ing towards it. This fur­ther helps them accom­plish that goal, and makes it less stress­ful by hav­ing some help from the begin­ning. Sites like this include Hatch My House, which acts as a gift reg­istry to save for a down pay­ment or ren­o­va­tion of a house. It can also be as sim­ple as just telling guests that for your wed­ding you’re col­lect­ing toward a down pay­ment for a house, rather than a tra­di­tion­al reg­istry.


So per­haps new chi­na or linens isn’t your ide­al wed­ding gift reg­istry. Think about hav­ing a reg­istry with items that you want and will actu­al­ly use. If you do a lot of out­door activ­i­ties, add a GoPro to it. If you need a new TV, add that, too. Sev­er­al web­sites allow you to cre­ate a reg­istry for any­thing and every­thing, which includes Thank­ful, MyReg­istry and Sim­pleReg­istry, which makes it easy for a group of friends to go in togeth­er on big-item gifts.


With a gift card reg­istry, it takes out some of the work from your guests and gives you more free­dom to use it when and how you want it. While you can orga­nize this inde­pen­dent­ly, Card Avenue is a web­site which allows you to cre­ate a reg­istry page with info, amounts and stores and allows guests to eas­i­ly send them to you.

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