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5 Of The World’s Best Overwater Honeymoon Suites

What says “hon­ey­moon” like an over­wa­ter bun­ga­low? It’s almost a giv­en that if you’re fly­ing to French Poly­ne­sia (known for their over­wa­ter bun­ga­lows), then you’re on your hon­ey­moon. How­ev­er, that’s not the only place with over­wa­ter bun­ga­lows. Here’s a list of some of the best over­wa­ter bun­ga­lows from the South Pacif­ic to Cen­tral Amer­i­ca and every­where in between.


Two words: Bora Bora. That’s all you have to hear to know that Bora Bora is essen­tial­ly the over­wa­ter bun­ga­low cap­i­tal of the world. Sur­round­ed by a lagoon and bar­ri­er reef, over­wa­ter bun­ga­lows work here like they can few oth­er places in the world. As a result, you’ll find over­wa­ter bun­ga­low resorts around the island, includ­ing Le Méri­di­en, which is among the best. It’s hard to deny the opu­lence of Le Méri­di­en when you can wake up from your slum­ber in your over­wa­ter bun­ga­low to the sight of Mt. Ote­manu. Also of note, your suite’s glass floor, where you can see marine life fre­quent­ly float­ing by. Oth­er perks of the resort include sev­er­al restau­rants and bars. Good luck try­ing to leave!


Liku­liku Lagoon Resort is arguably one of the best lux­u­ry resorts in the entire world, hav­ing won mul­ti­ple awards over the years. It’s unique in that it’s Fiji’s only prop­er over­wa­ter bun­ga­low resort. Per­haps most unique is that it’s sur­round­ed by a marine reserve. Perched on the edge of the marine reserve and reef is a series of 10 of the world’s most plush over­wa­ter bun­ga­lows, out­fit­ted with an out­door patio, dai­ly-deliv­ered Chef’s Canapé Plate, pil­low menu, plush king-sized bed and one of the best views in Fiji.

bride and groom first look on lake


Like Bora Bora, the Mal­dives have also often been asso­ci­at­ed with over­wa­ter bun­ga­lows, with many of the world’s top over­wa­ter bun­ga­low resorts call­ing it home. The Con­rad Mal­dives Ran­gali Island is home to one of our favorite hotel suites in the world. It’s hard to match an over­wa­ter vil­la that comes with a pri­vate ter­race, out­door whirlpool, fresh­wa­ter show­er, sur­round sound, and mini-bar. To whet your appetite even more, there’s Ithaa, which is the world’s first (and only) under­sea restau­rant (yes, for real).


While the likes of the Mal­dives and Bora Bora are often asso­ci­at­ed with over­wa­ter bun­ga­lows, you can find a small num­ber of them in the West­ern Hemi­sphere. This includes Anthony’s Key in Roatan, Hon­duras, which is one of the best div­ing des­ti­na­tions in the Caribbean. As such, Anthony’s Key is pop­u­lar as a div­ing resort. Across the resort are a total of 56 over­wa­ter bun­ga­lows, all of which sit perched just over the lagoon. For a lit­tle bit more room and pri­va­cy, opt for one of the deluxe bun­ga­lows, which offer a pri­vate cov­ered deck. Gen­er­al­ly speak­ing, com­pared to the oth­er bun­ga­lows on this list, this is a more bud­get-friend­ly hon­ey­moon resort.


Cayo Espan­to is unique in that it’s actu­al­ly a lux­u­ry pri­vate island resort. It’s first and fore­most a small, exclu­sive resort with vil­las, but it does have one over­wa­ter bun­ga­low, Casa Ven­tanas, which is one of the biggest over­wa­ter bun­ga­lows you’ll ever see, with more than 1,000 square feet of space. The one-bed­room bun­ga­low juts outs from the island and fea­tures a wrap­around patio, sun deck and the best seat in the house.

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