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7 Bizarre Places To Have A Wedding

Life is too short to be bor­ing. While church wed­dings, Vegas bach­e­lor par­ties, and recep­tions at your parent’s coun­try club with the likes of the Judge Eli­hu Smails presiding—yep that’s the judge from Caddyshack—might be right for some, it’s not right for you. You are an ear­ly adopter, a first-mover, a brick shak­er. With a lit­tle bit of thought, you can do some­thing tru­ly out­ra­geous. Here’s how to build the most per­fect (or per­fect­ly bizarre) wed­ding in some of our planet’s most bizarre venues:


Remem­ber how sexy, inter­est­ing and self-dep­re­cat­ing­ly smart Six Feet Under was? Imag­ine your wed­ding at a funer­al home. The flow­ers are already there, it’s a big glo­ri­ous space, and more impor­tant than any­thing else, it brings a whole new mean­ing to the con­cept of ‘til death do us part. Think I’m kid­ding? The Asso­ci­at­ed Press says that “Funer­al homes are the hottest new wed­ding venue” for 2015.


Sub­ter­ranean nup­tials bring you clos­er to earth. So where do troglodytes, trolls and oth­er earth­en spir­its go to make their vows for eter­ni­ty? The hill­side cave hous­es of Sacromonte in Grena­da Spain are just big enough to host a small wed­ding. Or you could rent out the Alux Restau­rant in Playa del Car­men, a gor­geous lime­stone cenote (sink­hole) just on the out­skirts of one of my favorite towns to par­ty on the Riv­iera Maya.

bride and groom in blue suit kissing on ski lift


Sky­div­ing wed­dings (yep, I’ve done that) are cool, but it’s over­done (and your lapel pin prob­a­bly won’t make it back to Earth). Why not try atop a 200-foot red­wood tree in Cal­i­for­nia? Say­ing “I Do” at Mach 1 is pret­ty amaz­ing, too. Cupid’s arrow flies pret­ty fast, con­sid­er hir­ing a fight­er jet or old-time barn­stormer from Air Com­bat USA to catch it.


OK, not just any slope will do. To get tru­ly quixot­ic with this one, I’d sug­gest rent­ing an entire resort. Sil­ver­ton Moun­tain in Col­orado will rent you the moun­tain for a day. The price depends on the time of the sea­son, but imag­ine tak­ing a heli­copter ride to the top of this pow­der-crust­ed back­woods resort, get­ting mar­ried, then drop­ping in for some of the sick­est pow­der ski­ing found on earth. Utah’s Eagle Point Resort rents out for $10k a day. That’s cheap­er than most coun­try clubs!


Where’s the most haunt­ed hotel in the US? I say The Stan­ley in Estes Park, Col­orado. I mean, it’s the hotel that inspired The Shin­ing. There are plen­ty more to chose from, but here are some of the scari­est. You’ll def­i­nite­ly want to serve Red Rum at the recep­tion.


Wed­dings don’t have to be staid. They can be sexy. They can be adven­tur­ous. They can be what­ev­er you want them to be. I’d rec­om­mend against par­tak­ing in the ser­vices of a broth­el or strip bar (plus there is no sex in the cham­pagne room, believe me, I checked). But there are a few options that come to mind. Num­ber one on my list is Paris’ Belle Epoque broth­el turned bou­tique hotel, the Mai­son Sou­quet.


It’ll cost you a cool mil­lion, but a moon­light wed­ding in space is as celes­tial a union as I could imag­ine. If you have that kind of dough to through down, why not con­sid­er a few out­fit changes for the wed­ding par­ty. I’m think­ing smooth gray for the cer­e­mo­ny and Moon­rak­er James Bond for the recep­tion.

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