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7 Bizarre Places To Have A Wedding


Life is too short to be boring. While church weddings, Vegas bachelor parties, and receptions at your parent’s country club with the likes of the Judge Elihu Smails presiding—yep that’s the judge from Caddyshack—might be right for some, it’s not right for you. You are an early adopter, a first-mover, a brick shaker. With a little bit of thought, you can do something truly outrageous. Here’s how to build the most perfect (or perfectly bizarre) wedding in some of our planet’s most bizarre venues:


Remember how sexy, interesting and self-deprecatingly smart Six Feet Under was? Imagine your wedding at a funeral home. The flowers are already there, it’s a big glorious space, and more important than anything else, it brings a whole new meaning to the concept of ‘til death do us part. Think I’m kidding? The Associated Press says that “Funeral homes are the hottest new wedding venue” for 2015.


Subterranean nuptials bring you closer to earth. So where do troglodytes, trolls and other earthen spirits go to make their vows for eternity? The hillside cave houses of Sacromonte in Grenada Spain are just big enough to host a small wedding. Or you could rent out the Alux Restaurant in Playa del Carmen, a gorgeous limestone cenote (sinkhole) just on the outskirts of one of my favorite towns to party on the Riviera Maya.

bride and groom in blue suit kissing on ski lift


Skydiving weddings (yep, I’ve done that) are cool, but it’s overdone (and your lapel pin probably won’t make it back to Earth). Why not try atop a 200-foot redwood tree in California? Saying “I Do” at Mach 1 is pretty amazing, too. Cupid’s arrow flies pretty fast, consider hiring a fighter jet or old-time barnstormer from Air Combat USA to catch it.


OK, not just any slope will do. To get truly quixotic with this one, I’d suggest renting an entire resort. Silverton Mountain in Colorado will rent you the mountain for a day. The price depends on the time of the season, but imagine taking a helicopter ride to the top of this powder-crusted backwoods resort, getting married, then dropping in for some of the sickest powder skiing found on earth. Utah’s Eagle Point Resort rents out for $10k a day. That’s cheaper than most country clubs!


Where’s the most haunted hotel in the US? I say The Stanley in Estes Park, Colorado. I mean, it’s the hotel that inspired The Shining. There are plenty more to chose from, but here are some of the scariest. You’ll definitely want to serve Red Rum at the reception.


Weddings don’t have to be staid. They can be sexy. They can be adventurous. They can be whatever you want them to be. I’d recommend against partaking in the services of a brothel or strip bar (plus there is no sex in the champagne room, believe me, I checked). But there are a few options that come to mind. Number one on my list is Paris’ Belle Epoque brothel turned boutique hotel, the Maison Souquet.


It’ll cost you a cool million, but a moonlight wedding in space is as celestial a union as I could imagine. If you have that kind of dough to through down, why not consider a few outfit changes for the wedding party. I’m thinking smooth gray for the ceremony and Moonraker James Bond for the reception.

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