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A Bride’s Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands


He spent some time and effort picking out the perfect ring for you, now it’s time to return the favor. But where to start? It’s rare that a man will grow up dreaming of the perfect ring and now he probably has even less of a clue than you.

Something to keep in mind when deciding what kind of ring to get is your groom’s style and way of life. If he’s a flashy person, maybe consider something with a little bit of ornamentation. However, if your groom works with his hands or rock climbs in his spare time, you may want to go for durability.

Other than your groom’s personal style, here are other factors that go into a men’s wedding band:

bride and groom in black tuxedo


You probably know your metals pretty well, but just in case, the most popular metals used for men’s wedding bands are gold, silver, platinum, cobalt, titanium, or palladium. Here’s a breakdown of those metals (listed in order of average cost):


  • Most expensive of all the options
  • Strong


  • Second highest cost of the six
  • Average karats for gold wedding bands is 14 to 18 karats
  • Needs to be buffed or polished periodically


  • A great platinum alternative—similar look, but lower price tag
  • Does not tarnish or scratch easily


  • Mid-range cost
  • Similar to Platinum and Palladium, but not as durable
  • Good for inlays and color accents or other personalizations


  • Mid-range cost
  • Can be found in a black hue
  • Durable and good for inlays or etchings


  • Low cost
  • Scratches easily
closeup of groom in black tuxedo and black wedding ring


Usually men’s wedding bands are between 4 and 10 mm, with the average size being 6 to 8 mm. As a rule of thumb, men with larger fingers usually like larger rings. For those who don’t automatically think in metric units, 8 mm is .31 inches, or the width of four nickels stacked together.


There are a lot of different finishes for wedding bands. Choosing a finish that you love is also a great way to show off a band without stones or etchings. Popular finishes are:

  • High Polish/Shiny
  • Satin
  • Wire Matte
  • Sandblast
  • Brush
  • Hammered

If you don’t want a simple band, but also don’t want any ornamentation either, a great way to go is a stripe in the middle with a different finish.

bride and groom in gray suit dancing


Other than finish, there are several other factors in the overall style of the ring, the profile and the design itself.

Rings can be made with different profiles and if your groom is someone you think will take a lot of convincing to wear jewelry no matter how important, then you may want to go with a smoother profile, so the ring is less noticeable when he wears it. Ask your jeweler what they suggest, but generally this mean curved and rounded edges.

A plain band is a classic choice, but if you want to go with something more special, there is a lot of room for personalizations. Inlays are a popular option, with a band of a different color or material (like wood) in the center of the ring. Etchings and engravings are also popular. Here you can do a pattern, or special message, or even a picture of sort (like mountains or trees, for a rustic look).

If you want to add stones, like diamonds, to the band, the most popular ways of doing this are with one ring of stones around the center, two rings of stones around the edges, and one or more stones laid into the top.

Your jeweler will have plenty of options for you to browse, but it’s always good to go in with an idea of what you are looking for. If you really hit a blockade, asking your groom’s opinion or taking him with you to the store is okay, too. No matter what, it’s going to be special.

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