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Where High Tech Meets High Touch

I nev­er expect­ed to become a suc­cess­ful entre­pre­neur. I don’t think any­one in my fam­i­ly expect­ed it of me, either. But as I think about it, the cloth­ing busi­ness has always been in my genes. Both my par­ents worked in the appar­el indus­try, inspir­ing me with hard work, ded­i­ca­tion, and a com­mit­ment to give back to soci­ety. Fol­low­ing their lead­er­ship, I built a career that put me in charge of my own des­tiny, liv­ing my own dream, and hon­or­ing the many stake­hold­ers I’ve had the priv­i­lege to serve.

As I work to build suc­cess­ful com­pa­nies, my goal has always been to devel­op con­scious busi­ness­es. Begin­ning with my 1960’s ide­al­ism, I have sought to be part of some­thing big­ger than myself. Busi­ness is more than mak­ing mon­ey. It’s about being part of a shared social fab­ric. Con­scious busi­ness prac­ti­tion­ers seek to be respon­sive to the needs of our var­i­ous stake­hold­ers: employ­ees, ven­dors, and the com­mu­ni­ties we serve. In par­tic­u­lar, I’ve always tried to learn from direct insights into my customer’s expe­ri­ence, find­ing ways to enrich their con­nec­tion to how they feel and look. Build­ing mean­ing­ful rela­tion­ships between our staff and our cus­tomers has been key to my suc­cess. Today, as I set forth on a new entre­pre­neur­ial ven­ture, I com­bine my expe­ri­ence in the appar­el indus­try with dis­rup­tive tech­nol­o­gy to cre­ate the ulti­mate cus­tomer expe­ri­ence, which is a win for all in our high tech world.

John Nais­bitt spelled it out in his 1982 book, Mega­trends. Mov­ing into the age of high tech in the ear­ly 1980s, the futur­ist argued that we also need high touch. Years before the world­wide web, Nais­bitt argued that: “We must learn to bal­ance the mate­r­i­al won­ders of tech­nol­o­gy with the spir­i­tu­al demands of our human nature.” He advo­cat­ed a bal­ance between the hard edges of tech­nol­o­gy and the soft edges of human con­nec­tion.

I con­fess that I was not an ear­ly adopter of tech­nol­o­gy. When I start­ed my first busi­ness in 1973, we used a cig­ar box for our cash reg­is­ter. Things have changed since then. In today’s fast-paced world, our medi­um is tech­nol­o­gy. It is embed­ded every­where, in every domain of our lives. Cus­tomers demand a dig­i­tal expe­ri­ence, in a way they nev­er have before. And Nais­bitt was right. By bridg­ing high tech and high touch in all aspects of the user’s expe­ri­ence, we will unlock greater val­ue for our 21st-cen­tu­ry cus­tomers. This is why I’ve launched Gen­er­a­tion Tux.

Gen­er­a­tion Tux was cre­at­ed to change the way peo­ple wear and rent tuxe­dos and suits. We remove the stress from start to fin­ish, thanks to a unique com­bi­na­tion of fea­tures designed to make the process seam­less for brides, grooms, wed­ding par­ties, prom-goers, or any­one prepar­ing for a spe­cial occa­sion. Most for­mal wear rentals require mul­ti­ple store vis­its, are plagued by ill-fit­ting prod­ucts and out­dat­ed styles that cost more than renters antic­i­pate, and are often received by the renter the day before the event. On the oth­er hand, the Gen­er­a­tion Tux plat­form is geared to sim­pli­fy every step: visu­al­iz­ing col­ors and style choic­es with a brand new inven­to­ry with mod­ern styling, man­ag­ing large groups across the coun­try, deliv­er­ing out­fits a full week before the event, and reduc­ing the time, cost and headache of get­ting a great fit­ting tuxe­do or suit.

Our goal with this new com­pa­ny is to use the best of ‘high tech and high touch’ to help peo­ple pre­pare for life’s most impor­tant events – because there are no back­o­rders in those moments. Hav­ing out­fit­ted mil­lions of men for wed­dings, proms and spe­cial events through­out my four-decade retail career – and hav­ing already built one nation­wide tuxe­do rental busi­ness – we are reimag­in­ing the for­mal wear cus­tomer expe­ri­ence to fit with the way peo­ple live today. Togeth­er with a ded­i­cat­ed team of inspired pro­fes­sion­als, we have cre­at­ed a plat­form that places the cus­tomer at the cen­ter of the online process and makes rent­ing a tux or suit wor­ry-free by bring­ing the expe­ri­ence direct­ly to them. We are offer­ing the most advanced e‑commerce rental and group man­age­ment plat­form today. We make sure our cus­tomers can look and feel their best dur­ing the most impor­tant days of their lives.

I am grate­ful for my new begin­nings – and I embrace a con­scious busi­ness mod­el that bal­ances what Nais­bitt called “the mate­r­i­al won­ders of tech­nol­o­gy with the spir­i­tu­al demands of our human nature.” Com­merce can now include the mul­ti­ple stake­hold­ers, hon­or­ing each in their own way. Every one of us has an oppor­tu­ni­ty to begin again. How we look and how we feel informs those spir­i­tu­al dimen­sions with­in our human nature. We can both express our indi­vid­u­al­i­ty and con­nect to our fam­i­lies and com­mu­ni­ties with authen­tic­i­ty. With the launch of Gen­er­a­tion Tux, we set a new stan­dard in per­son­al­ized ser­vice so you can look and feel your best. We’ve got you cov­ered.

– George Zim­mer

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