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A Message from our Founder


Where High Tech Meets High Touch

I never expected to become a successful entrepreneur. I don’t think anyone in my family expected it of me, either. But as I think about it, the clothing business has always been in my genes. Both my parents worked in the apparel industry, inspiring me with hard work, dedication, and a commitment to give back to society. Following their leadership, I built a career that put me in charge of my own destiny, living my own dream, and honoring the many stakeholders I’ve had the privilege to serve.

As I work to build successful companies, my goal has always been to develop conscious businesses. Beginning with my 1960’s idealism, I have sought to be part of something bigger than myself. Business is more than making money. It’s about being part of a shared social fabric. Conscious business practitioners seek to be responsive to the needs of our various stakeholders: employees, vendors, and the communities we serve. In particular, I’ve always tried to learn from direct insights into my customer’s experience, finding ways to enrich their connection to how they feel and look. Building meaningful relationships between our staff and our customers has been key to my success. Today, as I set forth on a new entrepreneurial venture, I combine my experience in the apparel industry with disruptive technology to create the ultimate customer experience, which is a win for all in our high tech world.

John Naisbitt spelled it out in his 1982 book, Megatrends. Moving into the age of high tech in the early 1980s, the futurist argued that we also need high touch. Years before the worldwide web, Naisbitt argued that: “We must learn to balance the material wonders of technology with the spiritual demands of our human nature.” He advocated a balance between the hard edges of technology and the soft edges of human connection.

I confess that I was not an early adopter of technology. When I started my first business in 1973, we used a cigar box for our cash register. Things have changed since then. In today’s fast-paced world, our medium is technology. It is embedded everywhere, in every domain of our lives. Customers demand a digital experience, in a way they never have before. And Naisbitt was right. By bridging high tech and high touch in all aspects of the user’s experience, we will unlock greater value for our 21st-century customers. This is why I’ve launched Generation Tux.

Generation Tux was created to change the way people wear and rent tuxedos and suits. We remove the stress from start to finish, thanks to a unique combination of features designed to make the process seamless for brides, grooms, wedding parties, prom-goers, or anyone preparing for a special occasion. Most formal wear rentals require multiple store visits, are plagued by ill-fitting products and outdated styles that cost more than renters anticipate, and are often received by the renter the day before the event. On the other hand, the Generation Tux platform is geared to simplify every step: visualizing colors and style choices with a brand new inventory with modern styling, managing large groups across the country, delivering outfits a full week before the event, and reducing the time, cost and headache of getting a great fitting tuxedo or suit.

Our goal with this new company is to use the best of ‘high tech and high touch’ to help people prepare for life’s most important events – because there are no backorders in those moments. Having outfitted millions of men for weddings, proms and special events throughout my four-decade retail career – and having already built one nationwide tuxedo rental business – we are reimagining the formal wear customer experience to fit with the way people live today. Together with a dedicated team of inspired professionals, we have created a platform that places the customer at the center of the online process and makes renting a tux or suit worry-free by bringing the experience directly to them. We are offering the most advanced e-commerce rental and group management platform today. We make sure our customers can look and feel their best during the most important days of their lives.

I am grateful for my new beginnings – and I embrace a conscious business model that balances what Naisbitt called “the material wonders of technology with the spiritual demands of our human nature.” Commerce can now include the multiple stakeholders, honoring each in their own way. Every one of us has an opportunity to begin again. How we look and how we feel informs those spiritual dimensions within our human nature. We can both express our individuality and connect to our families and communities with authenticity. With the launch of Generation Tux, we set a new standard in personalized service so you can look and feel your best. We’ve got you covered.

– George Zimmer

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