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Bachelor Party Ideas: Seattle


Seat­tle, Wash­ing­ton isn’t exact­ly the first place that comes to mind when you think bach­e­lor par­ty week­ends. How­ev­er, it boasts a unique vibe and things to do that you can’t just find in any city in Amer­i­ca. Not to men­tion that dur­ing the sum­mer, it’s one of the most beau­ti­ful cities in the U.S.


With the high­est con­cen­tra­tion of hotels in down­town Seat­tle, this is like­ly where you’ll be stay­ing dur­ing a bach­e­lor par­ty week­end. Not to men­tion that it’s con­ve­nient to the air­port and many near­by neigh­bor­hoods by pub­lic trans­porta­tion. With­in mere blocks of one anoth­er are many of down­town Seattle’s hotels, includ­ing the Inn at the Mar­ket, W Seat­tle, Hotel Mona­co, Sher­a­ton, Hotel 1000, and Alex­is and in neigh­bor­ing Bell­town, the Ace and Edge­wa­ter.

Some of the neigh­bor­hoods clos­est to down­town Seat­tle, such as South Lake Union and Low­er Queen Anne, have hotels, but they are more in the way of two- or three-star bou­tique or chain hotels, rather than most of the four-star hotels you find in down­town Seat­tle. You do, how­ev­er, get some five-star hotels in down­town Seat­tle, includ­ing the Four Sea­sons and Fair­mont.

Plus, in any of these neigh­bor­hoods, we are sure there are some amaz­ing Airbnbs and oth­er rentals places.

groom and groomsmen in blue suits at restaurant


While you’ll like­ly be stay­ing in down­town Seat­tle, it’s in many of the neigh­bor­hoods beyond down­town where you’ll find some of the best food. This starts in the trendy, mar­itime neigh­bor­hood of Bal­lard, where you have every­thing from authen­tic Mex­i­can at La Car­ta de Oax­a­ca to pop­u­lar Caribbean spot Un Bien to raw seafood bar The Wal­rus and the Car­pen­ter. Bal­lard is also home to Sta­ple & Fan­cy Mer­can­tile, an Ital­ian restau­rant by local chef Ethan Stow­ell, who has sev­er­al pop­u­lar restau­rants around Seat­tle, many of which have a strong Ital­ian and seafood empha­sis.

Per­haps Seattle’s most pop­u­lar neigh­bor­hood, how­ev­er, is Capi­tol Hill, locat­ed north­east of down­town Seat­tle, and fea­tur­ing a vari­ety of great restau­rants, such as Li’l Woody’s for gourmet burg­ers; Altura and Bar Cot­to for Ital­ian; and the new, inven­tive Restau­rant Mar­ron.

For sushi and seafood, look no fur­ther than down­town Seat­tle. Down­town Seat­tle (and adja­cent Bell­town) has a long list of sushi restau­rants, most of which are a few blocks from one anoth­er, includ­ing Sushi Kashi­ba, Japones­sa, Sushi Kuda­sai and Wasabi. Great seafood restau­rants include Matt’s in the Mar­ket, Elliott’s Oys­ter House and The Brook­lyn Seafood Steak & Oys­ter House.

For a true guys night out, go to the Met­ro­pol­i­tan Grill for a great steak­house or Radi­a­tor Whiskey for bar­be­cue and drinks.


When it comes to hap­py hour, there are few cities that do it bet­ter than Seat­tle, and here, it starts ear­ly and goes on well into the evening. Ba Bar, a Viet­namese restau­rant and cock­tail bar, fea­tures a long hap­py hour menu that starts at 3:00 p.m., while near­by Bar­rio also starts its Mex­i­can-themed hap­py hour at 3:00, but offers a late-night hap­py hour in addi­tion to the after­noon one.

Oth­er great after­noon hap­py hour spots include BOKA, Lecosho, La Isla Cui­sine, and Ivar’s Salmon House. Seat­tle, too, knows how to do craft beer, fea­tur­ing more than 40 brew­eries spread across the city.

Just a few of Seattle’s brew­eries include Fre­mont Brew­ing for its urban beer gar­den, Elysian Brew­ing, Hale’s Ales, Hilliard’s and Pyra­mid, which turns its park­ing lot into a beer gar­den on game day. A unique way to hit a num­ber of Seattle’s brew­eries all at once is with Seat­tle Brew­ery Walk­ing Tours, which is a guid­ed tour of top micro­brew­eries in the area.

On a nice day, head to Mar­i­na­tion Ma Kai, Lit­tle Water Can­ti­na or Ray’s Boathouse for drinks with a view.


Con­tin­u­ing with that local, craft trend is Seattle’s water­ing holes, such as Capi­tol Hill’s Sun Liquor, part dis­tillery and part craft cock­tail bar. Seat­tle has a num­ber of great speakeasy-esque cock­tail bars, includ­ing Canon, con­sid­ered one of the best bars in Amer­i­ca, Tav­ern Law, Knee High Stock­ing, Nee­dle and Thread (hid­den inside Tav­ern Law) and Bath­tub Gin & Co.

Anoth­er quin­tes­sen­tial Seat­tle cock­tail bar is Zig Zag Café, which isn’t a speakeasy per se, yet is tucked away near Pike Place Mar­ket. For less style and more dive, Seat­tle has no short­age of dive bars, such as The Red­wood, Mon­tana, Rab­bit Hole, Blue Moon Tav­ern and Shorty’s, which is part dive bar and part arcade.

Oth­er unique spots include Rhein Haus, a Ger­man beer hall; Rum­ba, a rum bar fea­tur­ing more than 400 rums (yes, 400); and Pie Bar, a dessert and cock­tail bar.

groom and groomsmen in blue suits


Late-night bars in Seat­tle aren’t quite like they are in oth­er places like Vegas. Instead, you find some unique, Pacif­ic North­west bars that you don’t find else­where, many of which fea­ture great live music, such as Trac­tor Tav­ern and The Croc­o­dile (the stage ear­ly on for bands like Nir­vana and Death Cab for Cutie).

Nonethe­less, Seat­tle has some great night­clubs, includ­ing Aston Manor, Foun­da­tion, Q Night­club and Mon­key Loft, which stays open on the week­ends for a cou­ple of hours beyond most bars’ clos­ing times.

You have a num­ber of gentleman’s clubs to choose from, includ­ing Lit­tle Dar­lings, Dream­Girls and Deja Vu Show­girls, one of the more well-known adult clubs in Seat­tle, locat­ed just beyond Pike Place Mar­ket. Per­haps Seattle’s most unique club is Can Can, which is part restau­rant, part craft cock­tail and absinthe bar and part bur­lesque the­ater.


Seattle’s loca­tion in the Pacif­ic North­west makes it a great loca­tion for half-day and day trips. In just a 30-minute car ride, for exam­ple, you can be in Wash­ing­ton wine coun­try in the lit­tle town of Wood­inville, and in a 45-minute sea­plane ride be in British Colum­bia.

Addi­tion­al­ly, many fer­ries leave from Seat­tle for a num­ber of Pacif­ic North­west islands and port towns, includ­ing Vic­to­ria, British Colum­bia. Sports fans can catch pro­fes­sion­al sports through­out most of the year, includ­ing the Seat­tle Sounders, Mariners, and Sea­hawks.

On a nice day you can go out on the water in a yacht or sail­boat, or for a more hands-on adven­ture, do kayak­ing or a whale-watch­ing tour.

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