The Best Cigars for Your Groomsmen

Whether hand-rolled or manufactured, cigars are continuing to be a popular gift to give to your groomsmen. When your groomsmen are dressed up in their dapper suits and tuxes, you want to give them a cigar that’s unique and helps commemorate the experience. Here’s how you can find some of the best cigars to give your groomsmen.

Know How to Rate the Cigar

Cigars are created differently and range in flavor, size, and shape. It’s important to know how to rate the cigar before making a purchase for your groomsmen. When considering a cigar, pay attention to the head and foot of the cigar as well as the filler and wrapper. The wrapper is responsible for much of the cigar’s flavor and there are light to dark varieties. The fill of a cigar is a blend of tobacco that’s fermented and dried. The head of the cigar is what will be placed in the mouth and will have to be cut, while the foot of the cigar is the side of the cigar that will be lit. Consider cigars that are easy to cut with a guillotine for any of your groomsmen who are new to cigar smoking.

Determine Flavor, Smoking Characteristics, and Burn Time

There are several flavors of cigars to consider, from woodsy flavors to fruity flavors. Similar to coffee and liquor, it’s all about what you like. No one flavor is better than another inherently. Some of the most popular types of cigars to get have distinctive flavors and don’t have to be expensive. For the groomsman who fancies flavorful cigars with a fruit base, opt for some of the most popular flavors, including melon-flavored cigars or cigars that have a hint of strawberry. Burn time is also important to consider. For a longer burn time, use wooden matches. Butane lighters can be used but offer shorter burn times.

Gentux’s Top Picks

To make choosing the ideal cigars easier, here are some quality cigar brands to consider:
  • Romeo y Juliet. Romeo y Juliet is a popular medium-bodied brand of cigars handcrafted in the Dominican Republican since the mid-1800s. This classic brand of cigar offers several undertones of spices and nutty or woodsy notes, such as hazelnut and cedar, and often includes a blend of Dominican and Brazilian long fillers with a java wrapper from Indonesia. This brand also comes in flavors, such as coffee and oak.
  • Rocky Patel. This boutique-style cigar is crafted in Nicaraguan factories and features premium tobaccos and is strong. It is produced in small batches, which makes it a highly in-demand cigar gift that’s ideal for your best man or an honoree groomsman.
  • Bolivar. These handcrafted cigars are constructed in a way that produces spicy and earthy aromas. As a flavorful cigar with a strong aroma, the Bolivar cigar offers an intense smoking session that’s ideal for an experienced cigar smoker.
  • Arturo Fuente. These Dominican popular cigars offer a variety of blends that provide a taste that is full- or medium-bodied.
  • Cohiba. This handmade cigar brand offers a variety of flavors, including cocoa, cinnamon, and caramel. It also has a medium-bodied size.