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2020 Best Colors for Summer Weddings | Expert’s Advice


When it comes to summer wedding colors, couples might assume they need to stick with the season’s traditional pastel palette. But this is actually the right time to get more creative when pairing hues for your day. “Summer weddings are the perfect time to ramp up your color palette, and there are a few combinations that are particularly trendy for this year,” says Karen Norian of Simply Eloped.

So whether you’re putting the final touches on your upcoming summer nuptials or planning for next year, take a look at the color combos that are sure to make your wedding day picture perfect.

If you’re still looking for the perfect color combination to fit your big day, visit our swatches page to pick from thousands of colors and styles to view in the comfort of your own home – for free.




Classic Blue & Coral

Not only is this Pantone’s Color of the Year, but it is also a wedding favorite because it matches well with many accent colors, notes Shelley Grieshop of Totally Promotional.  She suggests pairing it with coral for a beach wedding, while other popular matches include peach, pale ivory, and seafoam. 

Terracotta, Yellow & Blush

This bright and summery combo is perfect for a bouquet, bridesmaid dresses, or your reception décor, says Norian.

Sunset Hues

Yellows, hot pink, oranges, and pale pinks are hot for summer because of that golden hour when the couple is captured during sunset, says Brian Worley of B. Worley Productions.

“These colors are happy, bright and when the days are longer, it is always nice to let color in the decor act as your light when event/ wedding lighting will not start to illuminate until later during the reception,” he explains.

Sage, Pale Blue & Navy

Norian explains that Sage, Pale Blue & Navy are classic colors that work beautifully together to give the event an elegant, timeless look. 

Tropical Shades & Gold

Summer is the perfect time for bright tropical colors—bright purples, pinks and blues—paired with a touch of gold, says Frances Goss of Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa.

Pink & Burgundy

Pairing the light with the dark can give your wedding a sophisticated air. Rosy Nuboer of Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort Spa and Casino suggests using different shades of pink and adding some touches of burgundy.

Marigold, Fuchsia & Teal

These colors are bold but stunning and scream “summertime” when paired together, says Norian.

Brown, Red, & Peach

While this might not seem like a summer palette, Adri Smith of Moss Floral says that the mix of chocolate brown, rust red, and golden brown—contrasted with light peach—gives the day a dramatic appeal.

White & Green

This is a classic look that is a hit with couples getting married in the summer, says Nuboer. 

Hot Pink & Lime Green

These bright complementary colors are perennial favorites at summer weddings, says Sage McRae of Sage McRae Event Design.

Sherbet Colors & Metallics

Worley recommends using sherbet colors (light pink, purple, orange) and pairing them with mixed metallics. “This mixture of muted colors and mixed metallics are modern, sophisticated, and classic,” he explains.

Blush, Gold & Forest Green

“Perfect for a summer wedding, this color combination is soft and airy, but gives just enough pop to make a statement,” says Norian.

Once you’ve chosen the right summer colors for your wedding, start planning your wedding day look. You can easily include some of the season’s most popular colors and designs with our variety of suit, tux, and accessory options!





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