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Color Schemes and Accessories for a Gray-Suit Wedding

When you’re pick­ing out a col­or palette for your and your groomsmen’s wed­ding suits, gray imme­di­ate­ly stands out as a crisp, cool and classy alter­na­tive to tra­di­tion­al black. It tells every­one that you weren’t afraid to think out­side the box while still remain­ing sophis­ti­cat­ed.

A lot goes into putting togeth­er a great look, how­ev­er. There are so many things to con­sid­er: ties, vests, shoes and a bunch more acces­sories. But don’t stress! Adding pops of col­or and tex­ture to your wed­ding look is actu­al­ly pret­ty easy, and you’ll be sur­prised how fash­ion-for­ward you’ll feel when you tell your bride that yes, it was you who picked out the peri­win­kle tie.

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If the last time you wore a suit was to your senior prom, you prob­a­bly don’t remem­ber all of the acces­sories that can real­ly pull your suit’s look togeth­er. Here are the best choic­es for your gray suit:

Shirt: Gen­er­al­ly, you’ll go with a white shirt, but you can also opt for a light blue or light pink shirt to com­pli­ment the gray. This is a way to add a lit­tle some­thing extra to your look with­out being flashy.

Pock­et Square: Not just for your grandfather’s suit, the pock­et square is also a classy fin­ish­ing touch to your gray suit. See below for col­or options.

Shoes: Brown or black. Either col­or works fine with gray.

Belt: Coor­di­nate this with the shoes.

Vest: Go for col­or (see below) or opt for a tex­tured or pat­terned gray vest to add some depth to your suit.

Tie: There are so many great col­or options for gray suits. We talk more about this below, but just know, that pret­ty much any­thing goes when it comes to pick­ing a great tie for your wed­ding.

Col­ors for Every Sea­son: Chang­ing the col­or accord­ing to the date of your wed­ding makes sense — lighter col­ors evoke touch­es of spring’s renew­al, while dark­er col­ors are rich and resplen­dent in cold­er months. If you’re get­ting mar­ried in the spring, laven­der and light yel­low acces­sories will add soft nuances to your gray suit. Reflect the summer’s bright sun and waves by using pea­cock blue or bright yel­low accents. A fall wed­ding would allow you to mix dark pur­ple or dark green acces­sories to evoke a lush out­door scene. Win­ter calls for cozy indi­go, navy or black to con­trast the cool gray of your crisp suit.

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