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Festive & Romantic Christmas Wedding Inspiration


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! So it’s not surprising that many couples choose to celebrate their nuptials over a Christmas wedding. While it’s already such a special season, you can add some creative touches to make sure your big day is both a festive and romantic celebration.

Here are a few ideas you can incorporate into your wedding day to make for the most memorable and romantic wedding details.

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Mix it up with mistletoe.

Mistletoe is all about kissing and sharing love, which works great for a wedding style, says Jamie Chang of Passport to Joy. You can give it away as a favor, make it a part of your stationery or décor or just have it hanging around in unexpected or very visual places.  And it can be real mistletoe or a non-plant version.

Play Christmas music.

Nothing gets people into a festive mood like holiday songs, so Kourtney Perry of 7 Centerpieces recommends asking your DJ to throw in a few Christmas classics into the music rotation. “You’d be surprised how ‘All I Want for Christmas’ can motivate some to get on the dance floor!” she says.

Serve up holiday flavors.

Kimberly Sisti of Sisti & Co suggests making a signature cocktail with holiday flavors or offering a hot toddy or mulled wine at the end of the night. You can also make one of your appetizer or dinner options include a traditional fall or winter ingredient like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, or apple. Remember, there are plenty of ways to bring a little “holiday” into your wedding without going overboard!

Hand out festive favors.

A personalized holiday ornament is the perfect parting gift for guests at your Christmas wedding. “So many wedding favors get left behind because they aren’t especially useful or personal. A holiday ornament is a lovely and romantic reminder of your friendship, each and every year that your guests break out the holiday decorations,” explains Aviva Samuels of Kiss the Planner.

Light it up.

Sparkling twinkle lights are romantic to the core. Use them to enhance outdoor foliage, as a canopy overhead or as a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony, recommends Samuels.

bride and groom in generation tux with christmas trees

Add some playful color.

Leah Weinberg of Color Pop Events suggests skipping the traditional red and green color palette. Instead, keep it festive but with a myriad of colors. Think hot pink and turquoise accents paired with glittery silver moments or jewel-toned greens and purples with gold decor. You can also add in these unexpected accents in your attire through your tie, boutonniere, or pocket square.

bride and groom in snowy wedding

Take a carriage ride.

“Whenever our winter couples need to get from their ceremony location to their dinner location, we always recommend a cozy carriage ride,” says Juls Sharpley of Bubbles & Bowties. “Locally, we have a horse-drawn carriage service that comes complete with fleece blankets, wedding flower decorations, and a top to keep couples protected from snow.”

Groom in generation tux suit with bride

Get creative with gifts.

Instead of the traditional gift table, opt for a large sleigh where guests can place their wedding presents, says Kristin Sullivan of The Bridal Retreat.

Ditch the regular guestbook.

In lieu of a guestbook, which usually gets put away and rarely looked at again, Shannon Tarrant of WeddingVenueMap.com suggests purchasing simple Christmas ornaments with little décor, as well as gold, silver, and black sharpie markers. At the wedding, have each guest sign an ornament that you can put on display during the holidays for years to come.

wedding christmas event favors

Decorate with mini trees.

Even smaller, pre-lit artificial trees that look realistic are a great way to frame your welcome area, or next to your cake table, says Sisti. You can even include your color palette as ornaments.

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