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10 Tips to Being a Great Virtual Wedding Guest


A global pandemic has made virtual weddings commonplace this year—and that trend may continue into 2021 as couples find ways to celebrate their vows while still keeping friends and family safe. And anyone included should keep in mind that just because you won’t be leaving your home to attend, it is still a special event that has its own set of rules to follow. 

So if you are lucky enough to be invited, be sure to follow these 10 tips to make sure you’re the perfect guest.

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#1: Don’t Forget to RSVP!

Although it’s virtual, the bride and groom will want to make sure all of their loved ones can make it. Just as you would be expected to RSVP to an in-person event, you should respond to the couple’s invitation, even if it’s just a simple email.

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#2: Still Dress Up

Who says you can’t get dressed up even when you’re not leaving the comfort of your own home? Ladies can put on a beautiful dress, while guys should feel free to wear a stylish suit or tuxedo for this happy occasion. Generation Tux makes it super easy to rent a complete ensemble using our fit technology that ensures a perfect fit. The chosen look will then be delivered right to your door and then can be easily returned to us, with free shipping both ways!

#3: Test Out The Technology Beforehand

The day or two before the wedding, make sure your computer is working, the Wi-Fi is connecting, and you know how to get on to whatever virtual platform the couple is using for their vows.

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#4: Be On Time

Don’t be the guest that logs on late! Whatever time the wedding is set to start, try to “arrive” at least five minutes before that.

#5: Eliminate Distractions

The bride and groom deserve your undivided attention. Silence your cellphones and turn off the TV so you can be fully present during the I dos.

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#6: Mute Your Mic

If you don’t turn off your microphone, every sound in your house—from kids playing to the dog barking—will be heard by all of the wedding guests. If the host doesn’t do it for you, be sure to mute the mic as soon as you log on.

#7: Turn on Your Video

The bride and groom will undoubtedly want to see all of the guests smiling faces during the event, so don’t forget to turn on your computer’s camera.

#8: Choose the Right Background

You don’t want to choose a background that is going to be too distracting. This isn’t the time to advertise your business, select something funny or political, or an image that overly loud or bright. Instead, opt for a simple background so the focus stays on the bride and groom.

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#9: Don’t Bring Extra Guests

You wouldn’t show up with extra people at an in-person event—a virtual wedding should still adhere to those guidelines. Unless you have cleared it with the couple, don’t forward the link or invite others over to watch the vows.

#10: Send a Gift

Even if the couple is planning to have an in-person reception at a later date, you should still send a small gift to the couple to commemorate the virtual wedding.

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