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How to Figure Out What Ring She Wants Without Asking


Well congrats, buddy. We’re rooting for you. But we also know how daunting choosing a ring and proposing to the love of your life can be. You’re probably on the verge of pulling out your hair and passing out. We can’t really help you there, but just know that feeling this way is completely normal and we are 100 percent behind you. You got this!

What we can help you with is that oh-so-important little detail that comes with proposing. The ring. You may know exactly what she wants or you may be clueless. For the clueless among you, here’s a helpful guide on how to snoop and figure out what kind of ring she secretly wants—rather, not so secret. She’s thought about it. Every girl has.

bride and groom in black tuxedo kissing in front of rocks

Pinterest & social media

First stop is her Pinterest. There’s a pretty good chance she has a wedding inspiration board. Even if it’s not public. That being said, you might have to get crafty when searching. This board is often full of rings pictures, wedding dresses, color palettes, and dozens of other wedding ideas. Don’t let this scare you off. It’s just a thing girls sometimes do. If she doesn’t have a Pinterest board or you can’t access it, you can also try looking around at her other social media—other people’s ring photos that she’s liked or commented on.

Her personal fashion

If she’s big and bold with how she dresses, then her ring should match that. Same goes for if she dresses with a very simple style. Not really sure what any of that means? Make a mental list of the ways she dresses to tell the jeweler. They should be able to help you find something along the same lines. Lots of dresses? Whimsical and romantic. Jeans and a tee everyday? Simple and casual. A blazer whether or not she’s at the office? Elegant and chic.

Style of other things she likes

Think about, too, how she decorates her house or something similar. Does she love antiques? Maybe a vintage style ring is more her speed. Everything is new, modern, and trendy? There’s a ring for that.

Ask a Friend

This is always a good route to go, as long as that friend can be trusted to keep a secret. Her best friends will more than likely have all the details. Plus, they’ll have her best interests at heart and you can get advice from them on every aspect. What kind of ring, whether or not to propose using a jumbotron (no), whether or not to get a secret photographer (yes), or tell her family beforehand (probably).

closeup of bride and groom

Her style and celebrity icons

In the event that things like celebrities matter to her, looking at who she idolizes is a good indication of her personal style and goals. Meryll Streep and Emma Watson? Maybe she’s a bit more down to earth. Kim Kardashian and Beyonce? More on the big and bright spectrum.

Find a roundabout way to talk about rings

Just have a friend get engaged or married? Perfect opportunity to casually talk about it without being weird. Bring it up in casual conversation (organically, of course) or when you see pics show up on your Insta feed.

Trust your gut

There’s a good chance that she will be happy no matter what. Relax, go into the store, and if something strikes you as being very her, then that’s a good sign. You know her better than nearly anyone in the entire world. Your gut instinct has a good chance of being right, but do make sure to look at a few before selecting “the one.” Took awhile to find her, right?

Featured image by Taylor McCutchan Photography

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