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How to Figure Out What Ring She Wants Without Asking

Well con­grats, bud­dy. We’re root­ing for you. But we also know how daunt­ing choos­ing a ring and propos­ing to the love of your life can be. You’re prob­a­bly on the verge of pulling out your hair and pass­ing out. We can’t real­ly help you there, but just know that feel­ing this way is com­plete­ly nor­mal and we are 100 per­cent behind you. You got this!

What we can help you with is that oh-so-impor­tant lit­tle detail that comes with propos­ing. The ring. You may know exact­ly what she wants or you may be clue­less. For the clue­less among you, here’s a help­ful guide on how to snoop and fig­ure out what kind of ring she secret­ly wants—rather, not so secret. She’s thought about it. Every girl has.

bride and groom in black tuxedo kissing in front of rocks

Pinterest & social media

First stop is her Pin­ter­est. There’s a pret­ty good chance she has a wed­ding inspi­ra­tion board. Even if it’s not pub­lic. That being said, you might have to get crafty when search­ing. This board is often full of rings pic­tures, wed­ding dress­es, col­or palettes, and dozens of oth­er wed­ding ideas. Don’t let this scare you off. It’s just a thing girls some­times do. If she doesn’t have a Pin­ter­est board or you can’t access it, you can also try look­ing around at her oth­er social media—other people’s ring pho­tos that she’s liked or com­ment­ed on.

Her personal fashion

If she’s big and bold with how she dress­es, then her ring should match that. Same goes for if she dress­es with a very sim­ple style. Not real­ly sure what any of that means? Make a men­tal list of the ways she dress­es to tell the jew­el­er. They should be able to help you find some­thing along the same lines. Lots of dress­es? Whim­si­cal and roman­tic. Jeans and a tee every­day? Sim­ple and casu­al. A blaz­er whether or not she’s at the office? Ele­gant and chic.

Style of other things she likes

Think about, too, how she dec­o­rates her house or some­thing sim­i­lar. Does she love antiques? Maybe a vin­tage style ring is more her speed. Every­thing is new, mod­ern, and trendy? There’s a ring for that.

Ask a Friend

This is always a good route to go, as long as that friend can be trust­ed to keep a secret. Her best friends will more than like­ly have all the details. Plus, they’ll have her best inter­ests at heart and you can get advice from them on every aspect. What kind of ring, whether or not to pro­pose using a jum­botron (no), whether or not to get a secret pho­tog­ra­ph­er (yes), or tell her fam­i­ly before­hand (prob­a­bly).

closeup of bride and groom

Her style and celebrity icons

In the event that things like celebri­ties mat­ter to her, look­ing at who she idol­izes is a good indi­ca­tion of her per­son­al style and goals. Meryll Streep and Emma Wat­son? Maybe she’s a bit more down to earth. Kim Kar­dashi­an and Bey­once? More on the big and bright spec­trum.

Find a roundabout way to talk about rings

Just have a friend get engaged or mar­ried? Per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ty to casu­al­ly talk about it with­out being weird. Bring it up in casu­al con­ver­sa­tion (organ­i­cal­ly, of course) or when you see pics show up on your Ins­ta feed.

Trust your gut

There’s a good chance that she will be hap­py no mat­ter what. Relax, go into the store, and if some­thing strikes you as being very her, then that’s a good sign. You know her bet­ter than near­ly any­one in the entire world. Your gut instinct has a good chance of being right, but do make sure to look at a few before select­ing “the one.” Took awhile to find her, right?

Fea­tured image by Tay­lor McCutchan Pho­tog­ra­phy

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