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May, 17 2022

How To Unpack Your Suit Or Tuxedo

Man Unpacking Generation Tux Suit

Did you just get your Generation Tux box delivered, and you're not sure what to do next? Check out our video with Tux Brand Ambassador, Jack Mitrani, showing how to unpack your Suit or Tuxedo, or read further to get the fine details.

It’s easy, we ship our garments to you cleaned, pressed, and ready to wear. Sometimes the shipping process may leave a few wrinkles. But don’t worry, our suits and tuxedos are made of Super 130’s and 140’s Merino Wool. This means they’re comfortable, and the high-quality material won’t hold on to those wrinkles.

All you need do is unpack the box, remove the garments from the garment bag, and hang them up. Any wrinkles will come out after a couple of days.

If you can't wait a couple of days, you can use steam to remove wrinkles. Use a steamer or a steamy bathroom, but never iron the outfit.

If you experience more than minor wrinkling, please contact us for help. Our support team will help you find a solution.