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How To: Get the Perfect Suit for your Fiancé


When it comes to weddings there is an archaic notion that the bride will always be the showstopper. It’s her day after all. But what about when there isn’t a bride? Who is supposed to be the center of attention when it’s two grooms getting married?

In all fairness, it should be the couple who shines together, but when one of you is wearing a dress and the other a suit, well, the eye quickly darts to the one with more tulle, lace, beads or sparkle. It can be trickier when picking out suits for your wedding, to keep from getting cray-cray, keep reading for advice on how to pick the perfect suit without overshadowing your partner.


If you’d never be caught dead in a certain color, don’t wear it! Duh! Likewise, if you’re never going to wear a suit again, don’t buy it! Opt to rent your suit and give yourself more room for fun, like the White Shawl Lapel Tuxedo.

two grooms in contrasting suits


Ways to punch up the pizzazz:

  • Add bright pops of color in your accessories like the new Saffron tie or pick a pocket square with attitude. Don’t forget about vests and socks, always great places to sneak in some sass.
  • Really turn up the heat by opting for an open collar look (make sure you opt for the spread collar shirt).
  • What about a suit that just fits impeccably? Ensure that you try on your suit (multiple times) before the big day. So when you’re strutting your stuff on the dance floor you have nothing but confidence in your back pocket.


You aren’t going to wear matching suits, that would be dull, but you are going to be taking a LOT of photos together, so you don’t want to clash or look tacky side by side. Instead of wearing similar shades of blue, one of you should go bold, like the Indigo Blue Notch Lapel Suit and the other more classic, the Bright Blue or Navy Blue. 

When it comes to accessories opt for similar styles (polka dots or floral print) or use boutonnieres to finish out a color story, the flowers could include both of your color choices.

Happy suit-hunting!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,

two grooms in contrasting red and blue suits

Guest Blog

Josey Stafford is the owner of Sixpence Events and Planning, a Minneapolis based company focusing on day of coordinating for couples who want a no-fuss wedding. She likes giving hugs, she’s obsessed with her husband and loves talking all things wedding. Check out her podcast Under the Veil available on Apple Podcast.

Photos by Kelly Reeves Photography

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